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  • £7.00
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SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European humanitarian organisation whose mission is to save lives at sea, protect survivors and report on the situation in the central Mediterranean.
Since 2016, on board its boat Aquarius, then Ocean Viking, SOS MEDITERRANEE teams have rescued more than 35,000 people, 23% of whom were children.

Each day at sea costs the organisation €14,000.

Today, agnès b. and SOS MEDITERRANEE are launching an appeal to all who share humanitarian values and in solidarity refuse to leave thousands of people to die at sea.

By purchasing this badge, you will help the SOS MEDITERRANEE teams to continue their life-saving work.

Together, we have the power to save lives at sea!

- Made in France
- Diameter: about 5.5 cm (2 inches)
REF: 4765AH35_0000
90.00% Steel, 10.00% Paper
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