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Our commitments

Since she was a girl, Agnès has been driven by strong ethics and values: respect, sincerity, solidarity, sharing, generosity, mutual aid, faithfulness to the causes in which she believes. Since the brand was created, Agnès has indeed remained faithful to these values.

agnès b. is above all a responsible brand, mindful of its manufacturing processes and their impact on the planet, attentive to the relationship of trust and loyalty with its suppliers, and to respecting its customers and employees. It is also a brand committed to solidarity, the environment and artistic expression.

Timeless fashion

agnès b. offers fashion that is deliberately timeless. In fact, Agnès even refuses the title of “fashion designer”, since the clothes she creates are destined not to go out of fashion. She prefers simply to say that she makes clothes to help people feel good. She therefore works in opposition to “disposable” fashion, which pushes us to over-consume clothing.

The clothes designed by Agnès ten or twenty years ago are still in tune with the times. She designed a whole series of pieces that have become “iconic”: the snap cardigan created in 1979, the striped T-shirt, the white shirt, work wear... that can be worn for many years.

b. forever

A family business

This has become rare in the fashion world. Yet, agnès b. is a family business. First, because the company capital belongs to Agnès and her family, so they control the decisions that are made. But also because agnès b.'s employees are part of a big family. They feel good about the company, and often work there for a long time. “I love the people I work with”, says Agnès. “Without them, I would be nothing.”

Priority to “Fabriqué en France” (Made in France)

agnès b. supports Fabriqué en France. “We have been manufacturing in France for a very long time, because in France we have expertise, workshops, qualified people”, explains Agnès. “This is considerable expertise that I have helped to maintain since the creation of the brand in 1973. It is important to continue to keep this industry alive to stop it dying and to stop whole towns becoming unemployed.”

Today, the company can no longer manufacture 100% of the collections in France. In fact, some suppliers have had to transfer all or part of their production line abroad. Others have disappeared and it has not been possible to replace them in France.

But the brand still produces more than 30% of its clothes within France, and the rest are made in Europe as much as possible. The company chooses its suppliers carefully, in the countries where their expertise is established. This is why agnès b. has its alpaca jumpers made in Peru, its cashmere in Mongolia and jackets in Lithuania, a country known for its tailors. She also selects her suppliers very carefully, and has a long-standing relationship with most of them, considering them precious partners.

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agnès b.'s humanitarian commitments

Agnès has always been committed, personally and via her brand, to humanitarian causes. Via her fund, Agnès supports charities and NGOs who work on causes close to her heart: combatting AIDS, combatting poor housing, supporting migrants and refugees, access to water, protecting children, and more.

In her stores, she sells “humanitarian products” whose entire profits are donated to charities. One way for her to raise awareness of the causes she finds important is to offer her customers the opportunity to become involved in her actions.

In addition, since 1993, Agnès has distributed free condoms in her shops to combat the spread of AIDS.

endowment fund

Let's protect the environment!

agnès b. is also committed to protecting the environment. For years, the company has been committed to taking action to support the environment: it seeks to limit its greenhouse gas emissions, sorts its waste, offer ecological bags to its customers, and use second-hand furniture for its shops...

Since the brand was created, the company has never destroyed any clothes. It regularly gives its stocks to humanitarian organisations. The company reuses fabric scraps to make pouches or gives them to charities. She also uses a large majority of natural fibres for her clothes, which can be worn “until they are threadbare”, as Agnès proudly says.

The commitment to the environment is also about the adventure of Tara. This schooner was acquired in 2003 by Agnès and her son Etienne Bourgois, to create a floating laboratory at the service of biodiversity and to protect the oceans. Tara facilitates major scientific advances to understand the impact of global warming and pollution on the oceans.

Tara Ocean Foundation

Agnès and art

agnès b. is a lover of art, or rather the arts in their diversity. She has always collected works of art: photographs, paintings, graffiti, precious books... Not as an investment, but because she loves them. To acquire her works, Agnès has always trusted her instincts and her eclectic taste. Today, she exhibits her collection in a unique venue, La Fab., which opened in February 2020 in Paris.

Agnès has also always supported artists and artistic projects, in many ways: by playing new record labels in her shops, by exhibiting young artists in her galerie du jour and her headquarters on Rue Dieu in Paris, by supporting artistic projects and festivals, by creating an audiovisual production company, lending clothes to film shoots and more.

Finally, since 1997 Agnès has been publishing her periodical 'point d'ironie', which is distributed free of charge all over the world. Each edition is a work of art in itself, created by an artist, a film-maker, a photographer, a musician or a writer...

la fab.

le point d'ironie