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... photographers ... artists and the snap cardigan

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of her signature Snap cardigan, agnès b. is delighted to announce the forthcoming exhibition ... PHOTOGRAPHERS ... ARTISTS AND THE SNAP CARDIGAN. The exhibition will open on September 24th, 2019, at the headquarters of agnès b., 17 rue Dieu, Paris (France) and echoes the first snap cardigan exhibition held at la galerie du jour as part of Paris Photography Month 1986, two years after the gallery’s opening.
photo © DAVID LYNCH Cardigan #2, 2019

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Red Stars, exhibition

An exhibition where the artworks of 13 artists echo the recent identity of Russia and photography. With Agnès Troublé aka agnès b., Alexandra Catiere, Oleg Dou, Igor Elukov, Vadim Gushchin, Dmitry Markov, Sergey Maximishin, Evgeny Mokhorev, Igor Moukhin, Margo Ovcharenko, Igor Savchenko, Valentin Sidorenko, Danila Tkachenko.
Exhibition organised by galerie SaUVaGE (Arles) and RUSSIANTEAROOM gallery (Paris).
From July 1st to August 17, 2019
Galerie SaUVaGE, 21 rue de la Liberté, Arles

Ragyard x agnès b. and Electric Retro Spectrum's concert!

It was during a trip to London few months ago that agnès b. discovered this small family brand located in Brick Lane. Ragyard’s creators love to create, travel, discover, explore new cultures through designs and textiles, find inspiration in the people around them. They buy the best vintage pieces that they bring back to life... a unique way to reduce waste and express their creativity! ... so many common points with agnès b. who very quickly decided to offer this small English and family brand its Street shop on 4 rue du Jour!
And on June 21st, from 7 to 9pm, concert of Electric Retro Spectrum (band signed by Born Bad Records and playing on July 6 at the Astral Festival)… for the music festival! 

listen to their last album

Memoria, Chad Moore, book signing

Pacific has partnered with agnès b. galerie boutique Tokyo for the making of Memoria, photographer Chad Moore's first hardcover publication. Memoria includes 100 images of Moore's choosing, featuring both glowing landscapes and intimate portraits, pictures of friends who appear both in pairs and alone, euphoric and isolated. A short text by artist and poet Jack Walls sits in the centerfold.
Memoria, Chad Moore, book signing
June 21st, 6pm-8pm
Ofr. 1 rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris 3 

The schooner Tara is in London, focusing on microplastics on the Thames

10 rivers will be studied by the Tara Ocean Foundation to understand the origins on land of plastic pollution in the oceans. Objectives? Where does plastic waste originate? How does it arrive in the Ocean? Where should we concentrate our efforts to stop the flow of this waste? What impacts do plastics have on marine biodiversity? Recent estimates find that 80% of plastic waste found at sea originates on land. The Tara Ocean Foundation has been involved in this research since 2010. Now it is urgent to explore and identify the flux of plastic waste from land to sea in order to stop it. The upcoming Mission Microplastics 2019 — with the CNRS in charge of scientific coordination — will take the schooner Tara through several regions in Europe for 6 months, exploring 10 major European rivers. The Thames is the first river studied by the scientists. Tara will be docked in Sint Katharin’s Marina from the 11th to the 13rd of June 2019.

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Flowers, Martin Parr

On the occasion of the Parcours Saint-Germain whose theme for the 2019 edition is La Fleur de l’Art, agnès b. has the pleasure to show works by Martin Parr, an artist she was one of the first to show in her gallery, the galerie du Jour and which photographs are also in her collection.
Among the themes dear to the British photographer are food, tourism, couples scenes… but also flowers…
In 2001, agnès wrote: “It was during 2 to 3 years that Martin Parr showed me this work on flowers. The flowers in life, the “consolation” flowers to make it perhaps more cheerful?” At the time, agnès had even made a small book that will be available in the exhibition!

“Flowers”, Martin Parr’s flowers in agnès b. art collection
23 May to 15 June, 2019
6 rue du Vieux Colombier, Paris 6

Flotation toy warning

agnès b. supports Flotation Toy Warning tour in France with three concerts in May:
26.05 : NANTES / Festival Wine Nat White Heat
28.05 : LESQUIN (LILLE) / Centre Culturel
29.05 : PARIS / Petit Bain (avec Raoul Vignal en formation trio en ouverture)