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Our new brightly coloured t-shirts feature agnès b.'s iconic signature logos. The lizard, star, heart and point of irony have become emblematic symbols of agnes b. and are available in an infinite variety of designs.

sky blue "agnès b." embroidered coulos t-shirtblue and white star coulos t-shirt with stripesnavy blue short sleeves star coulos t-shirtdark blue short sleeves coulos "irony mark" t-shirtdark blue short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtdark khaki short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtwhite "agnès b." embroidered coulos t-shirtoff-white thick cotton christof t-shirtpink short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtpink short sleeves lizard coulos t-shirtred "agnès b." coulos t-shirtyellow short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtwhite short sleeves star coulos t-shirtheather grey short sleeves star coulos t-shirtblack and gold-coloured painting coulos t-shirtgrey short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtwhite "agnès b." chris t-shirtwhite short sleeves "agnès b." t-shirtwhite short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtwhite short sleeves star t-shirtwhite short sleeves irony t-shirtwhite short sleeves lizard t-shirtwhite short sleeves t-shirt with "AB." embroiderywhite t-shirt agnès b.white long sleeves coulos lizard t-shirtwhite long sleeves irony t-shirtwhite long sleeves star t-shirtgrey short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtgrey short sleeves t-shirt with "AB." embroiderynavy blue short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtnavy blue long sleeves coulos star t-shirtblack short sleeves "agnès b." t-shirtblack short sleeves "agnès b." coulos t-shirtblack short sleeves t-shirt with "AB." embroideryblack short sleeves irony t-shirtblack short sleeves star t-shirtblack t-shirt agnès long sleeves irony t-shirtblack long sleeves star t-shirtblack long sleeves coulos lizard t-shirtfuchsia mini kardia pinfuchsia kardia pinred mini kardia pinwhite mini kardia pinblack mini kardia pinblack kardia pinsilver-coloured kardia pinsilvery kardia pin