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While visiting the site, information about the browsing data received from the user’s terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be stored in “cookies” installed on the user’s device, subject to choices expressed by the user about cookies.  these choices result especially from the user’s browser software settings when visiting the site, which can be changed at any time. the cookies allow to recognize the device’s browser for the duration of the cookies’ period of validity.


Functions of the cookies issued from the site


The cookies issued from the site are used for the purposes described below:

  • compile statistics and traffic volume and measure the use of the various sections of the site (headings and content visited, click streams), which helps to improve the value and usability of the site’s services;
  • store information contained in any form filled out by the user on the site (for registration or account access) or relative to any products, services or information chosen by the user on the site (subscribed service, shopping cart contents, etc.);
  • allow the user access to restricted and personalized areas of the site, such as his/her account, based on user names, passwords and other data the user may has previously given access to;
  • implement security measures, such as when the user is asked to log in again to contents or a service after a certain period of time.

Such cookies enable the site to keep only data of a temporary nature from the current session (articles selected, time spent on the site, etc.). this information is in no manner associated with an individual user’s name and is not saved from one session to the next.

Cookies issued on the site by third parties

Cookies may be issued by third parties on the site, allowing them throughout the validity period of such cookies, to:

  • count the number of visitors of the site, especially for statistics and/or invoicing purposes;
  • recognize the user’s terminal at whenever the user subsequently browses any site or service on which these third parties also issue cookies, and potentially adapt these sites and third party services or the advertisements they display, to any browsing data from the user’s terminal to which they may have access.


Choices regarding cookies available through the user’s browser


There are several ways to manage cookies. the settings that the user uses are likely to change his/her internet browsing experience and the conditions of his/her access to any services requiring the use of cookies.


The user can choose to express or modify his/her acceptance of the use of cookies at any time as described below.


The user can configure his/her browser to allow cookies to be stored on his/her data terminal, to reject them automatically or to reject them from certain issuers. the user can also configure his/her browser so that he/she is promptly asked to accept or reject cookies before a cookie is saved to his/her data terminal. in this respect, each browser has a different way of managing cookies and cookie settings. the configuration of the browser is described in its help menu which informs of how to change cookie settings.


It is up to the user of a data terminal to decide whether or not cookies will be accepted on that data terminal. the user is free to make this choice and to modify it at any time through the settings associated with the browser used on the data terminal.


If the browser is set to accept cookies on the user’s data terminal, then the cookies used by the web pages that the user has visited will be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on the user’s data terminal. they will be readable only by the issuer.


If the user chooses to reject cookies on his/her data terminal, or if he/she removes any cookies already stored, he/she will not be able to use a number of features that are necessary to browse certain sections of the site. for example, this would be the case for access to any of the site’s content or services that require the user to log in. this is also the case as concerns technical compatibility when the site cannot recognize the type of browser that the user uses on his/her data terminal, its default language and display or the country from which the user’s data terminal is connected to the internet.


If the browser is set to reject cookies on the user’s data terminal, the site assume no responsibility for consequences related to the degraded operation of the site’s services resulting from the site not being able to store or view the cookies necessary for the full functioning of the site and services.