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We love music !!

agnès b. has always lived in music!
From Bob Marley’s 33 tours that kept going on in the first shop opened in 1976 rue du Jour to the web radio that the stylist launches now, music has always occupied an important place.

exclusive mix for agnès b. radio - Echoes

Friday May 24, 5PM (Paris time)

ERR REC /ˈret.rə.spekt/ 2014-2024
Independent DIY label from the north-east of Paris, ERR REC is entering its tenth year of existence.

To celebrate it and ensure the survival of the label, its founders, Bolanile and Gilles launched a pre-order
support on the Ulule platform. It ends on Sunday May 26 and includes many rewards such as
a retrospective compilation in 12" Vinyl + Audio Cassette format and screen-printed merch.

On June 7, they organize with Mains d’oeuvres the Ultrason Party evening headlined by ECHOES,
the new project by ETIENNE JAUMET (Zombie Zombie) and NICOLAS VILLEBRUN (Tite, Society Of Silence, Poni Hoax)
and opening act HUMAN KOALA and the duo TONE VITMN C.

Find ECHOES exclusively in this mix for agnès B Radio, a cutting-edge selection that draws from the ERR REC catalog.
Discover little-known gems notably composed and produced by Vincent Taeger and Vincent Taurelle (shadow men of the last JUSTICE album), Növlang, Le Goût Acide Des Conservateurs, Human Koala, Alexis Lumière, the English artist Visual Sequence, the Dutch artist Dim Garden, Parisians Guillaume Alarm and Philippe Brown. Notice to fans of analog synthesizers and retrofuturistic sound travel.

Pre-order support :
Site :
Bandcamp :

Compilation - RainboWarriors Vol 1

Friday May 3rd, 18PM (Paris time) 

RainboWarriors Vol 1 is the first compilation from the Warriorecords label, curated by Rebeka Warrior.

Digital release and vinyl pressing of 700 copies to be released on April 26 with the support of agnès b. Artwork @_m.4.r.4_ Graphic poetry by Laura Vazquez “the moment of nothing”
15 original tracks by 15 artists from all backgrounds and, for the most part, from the queer scene, grouped under the same Dark and New Wave banner:

Baby Volcano (Swiss)
Belaria (France)
Borusiade (Germany)
Cate Hortl (France)
Dame Area (Spain)
Denuit (France)
Jean Terechkova (France)
Jennifer Touch (Germany)
Minuit Machine (France)
NNHMN (Germany)
Paloma, Rebeka Warrior & RAUMM (France)
Vimala Pons (France)
Zombie-Chang (Japan)

🌈RainboWarriors Tour🌈
26 AVRIL - Bruxelles - Les Nuits Botanique (Belgique)
03 MAI - Neuchâtel - Case à Chocs (Suisse)
04 MAI - Rex Club - Paris
01 JUIN - La Laiterie - Strasbourg
07 JUIN - Nantes - Warehouse
22 JUIN - Lille - Slalom
23 JUIN - Marseille - Au Large Festival
06 JUILLET - Gretchen - Berlin (Allemagne)
12 JUILLET- The Garage - Londres (Angleterre)
Dates here

Double LP limited edition, Pre-order :

Digital pre-order :

Instagram : :

Chateau Flight La Folie Studio

Friday April 19, 5PM (Paris time)

This album, a product of two years of studio sessions, saw us engaging in musical dialogues, hitting record when inspiration struck. 

In the studio, that moment always comes, when a fragile and magical balance happens.

Château Flight says: 

• Playing electronic music, whether alone or not, must be joyous, fun, and make you feel good. 
• The studio is not a sanctuary but a place of life. Technology must not be intimidating. 
• Welcoming friends and new objects in the studio should be an infinite source of inspiration. 
• If nothing happens in the studio, turn off the light and play a percussion record. 
• With 25 years of experience, Château Flight can make you forget all your troubles, instantly and painlessly. 
• The key to success: midi sync + din sync + external trigs

Official website:

Halo Maud Celebrate

Friday April 12, 2024, 5PM (Paris time) 

'Celebrate' arrives a few months after For That Beautiful Feeling, the tenth album by The Chemical Brothers that Maud provided vocals for much of (including two of the lead singles – Live Again and Skipping Like A Stone with Beck, as well as the albums’ hazy title track). While that band’s influence might not be obvious on Celebrate, their dedication to pulling glorious psychedelic sounds out of the whatever instrumentation they find is very much in evidence. In the case of Iceberg – a cover of Fred Frith’s blissful Anthropocene hymn recorded with fellow French artist Flavien Berger – that’s instrumentation is mainly just a pair of human voices against a swirling beatless ambient backdrop. The result is utterly intoxicating. 

"Her bewitching little baroque tableaux are all about emotion!" - Tribu Move

"It all feels very much like a party that you never want to end.” - Electronic Sound Magazine -

"This reveals that her own vision rocks across more than a few blocks.” - Record Collector ★★★★ - 

Europe Tour Dates:
13/04 - Freiburg, Germany
26/04, Manchester, New Century* UK
28/04 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms* UK
29/04, Cambridge, Junction* UK
30/04, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms* UK
01/05, Brighton, Concorde 2* UK
02/05, London, Scala* UK
05/05 Sounds From The Other City (Headline St. Phillips Church) UK
17/05 The Great Escape, Brighton
18/05 Get Together Festival, Sheffield UK
20/05 Moth Club** with Fran Lobo in support
30/05 Point Ephemere, Paris 

Official website:

The Best Twilights of Love Wonderland LP

Friday April 5, 2024, 5PM (Paris time)

Love Wonderland - The Best Twilights of Love Wonderland LP (CAM027) Formed in 2018 by Takujuro Iwade, film director and drummer Kaya Koike and Mayumi Sakurai with the theme of " Lovers Rock from the other side," Love Wonderland performs reggae with a unique interpretation influenced by psychedelia and synth-pop.

The Best Twilights LP compiles tracks from three demos released between 2019 and 2024 and reflects their full spectrum from electronic dub to pop tinted reinterpretation of their peers. Considered as the best kept secret of the Japanese dub scene, they continue to grow at each live performance with faith and passion. Love Wonderland's main aspiration is to keep their motto alive.

Mastered by Krikor Kouchain and limited to 400 copies. released the 06/06/2024

Pre order link :

Beggar's retro

Friday 29 March, 5pm (local time)

Beggars France joins forces with agnès b. radio to review archives, cult releases, more or less recent reissues and other rarities. Once a month, a selection will be updated on our respective platforms and to stock up on obscure hits, go to agnès b. radio at 5 p.m..

Official website:

Kim Gordon The Collective

Friday March 8, 2024, 6PM

Musician and visual artist Kim Gordon returns with her second solo album, The Collective, which will be released March 8th on Matador.
Kim Gordon will also play six live shows around The Collective’s arrival, beginning March 21 in Burlington,
Recorded in Gordon’s native Los Angeles, The Collective follows her 2019 full-length debut No Home Record and continues her collaboration with producer Justin Raisen (Lil Yachty, John Cale, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Charli XCX, Yves Tumor), with additional production from Anthony Paul Lopez. The album advances their joint world building, with Raisin’s damaged, blown out dub and trap constructions playing the foil to Gordon’s intuitive word collages and hooky mantras, which conjure communication, commercial sublimation and sensory overload.

Leslie Winer Pretty Broad Tastes

Friday January 26, 2024, 5PM (Paris time)

Max Richter

Pretty Broad Tastes is the first full collection of poems from the seminal artist and writer Leslie Winer. A literary and visual trialogue between Winer, Christopher Shannon and Linder after a decade of varied collaborative projects across the worlds of design, music, art and performance, Pretty Broad Tastes marks the latest embarkation point on Leslie Winer’s wholly original artistic odyssey through both the mainstream and counter-cultural landscape of the past half a century. As befits a boundless artistic imagination, and an instinct that has consistently anticipated the zeitgeist while exhibiting the bravery of the avant-garde, these poems are fractured, amorphous linguistic experiments in code-making and code-breaking, yielding emotional truths and a visceral physicality through a definitively modern modernist project.

 Presented here alongside a pamphlet of photomontages by the artist Linder, and a series of images collected by Christopher Shannon, augmented by annotations in Winer’s handwriting. Together, these pamphlets create a single work—and object of intrigue, open-hearted and available to a multitudinous readership’s discreet and varied interpretations. Touching on the images and imagery of the artists’ combined obsessions, their cultural environments, their shared and separate histories and memory, this is a genuinely unique, enigmatic, and genre-defying work of art. Held together in a specially designed folder containing the three pamphlets by the individual artists, this ‘object of intrigue’ also contains...
• “Pretty Broad Tastes” flexi-disc featuring vocal by Leslie Winer & music by Maxwell Sterling
• Postcard by Linder
• Matchbook
• Fold-out

Rough Trade Books 5 years - La Fab.

Saturday January 20, 2023, 2PM

It probably goes without saying that we love music here at Rough Trade Books—in fact if it’s not too much of a metaphorical stretch you could say it’s in our DNA. Our publications are littered with references to axe-wielding bluesmen, speculative synth soundscapes, West London punky reggae pioneers and all sorts of other musical misfits and magicians. We’ve put together a playlist of stuff that either features in one of our books or was even made by one of our authors. We think it makes for a pretty good listen too…

Real Estate - Discography

Friday January 19, 2024, 2PM

Indie rock stalwarts Real Estate will release their upcoming album, Daniel, on February 23, 2024 on Domino. The sixth album from New Jersey natives Martin Courtney (vocals, guitar), Alex Bleeker (bass, vocals), Matt Kallman (keyboards), Julian Lynch (guitar) and Sammi Niss (drums) features 11 new songs recorded with the Grammy-winning producer Daniel Tashian (Kacey Musgraves) during a frenetic and enthusiastic nine-day session at RCA Studio A in Nashville. Listen from 2 p.m. to the entire Real Estate discography with the albums: The Main Thing, In Mind, Atlas and Days

Compilation : Beggar's Rétro

Friday January 12, 2024, 5PM

Beggars France partners with Agnes B. radio to review its archives: cult releases, recent reissues and rarities.

Once a month, two selections will be updated on our respective platforms: to stock up on obscure and rare titles, meet tomorrow on agnes b radio at 5 pm and on our Spotify/Deezer pages for the latest reissue news from our labels.

Bureau B 2023

Friday 15 December, 5PM (Paris time)

Hamburg's experimental imprint Bureau B presents its annual year-in-review compilation with impressions from all 26 releases from the past twelve months including new albums from artists like Tolouse Low Trax, Die Wilde Jagd, Saeko Killy, CV Vision or Tin Man, reissues of classics as well as obscure gems from Conrad Schnitzler, Faust, Martin Rev to Holger Hiller. Plus a couple of compilations that focus on Krautrock history, take a closer look at the Düsseldorf cassette label KLAR!80 or present a small scene of contemporary underground artists, as on "Gespensterland".

Twitter (X) ·

Naomie Klaus, Youth looks so good on you

Friday December 7, 2023, 5PM

“When forty, I was still wearing miniskirts, extravagant patterns, pink, fluorescent colours, star shaped earrings. I walked around with my leopardskin hat, my fluffy bag, my floral outfit, until the gaze of others made me feel like it was not age appropriate anymore.

Although I am still the same person I was at 16. It's the others I see changing." There's no better way to describe ageing than through the gap that arises and continues to grow between physical reality and the specular image of the self : one deteriorates over time, exposed to the cruel laws of gravity and oxydation, while the other never ages, remaining intact and unaltered... frozen in a moment of blissfulness. The more time goes by the more the gap becomes a separate entity (ou “world” pour etre plus prosaïque). It can become so painful that many try to escape it, using and abusing every trickery. “Youth looks so good on you” is a sonic ballad which bizarrely explores the world that lies between reality and self-fantasy, a world where the aesthetic cult of youth becomes sovereign to the people. This piece was produced in 2022 as part of the Festival « Les Heures Sauvages - Nef des Marges dans l'ombre des certitudes », at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris.

After "A Story of a Global Disease" in 2022, "Youth looks so good on you" is the second piece of music by Naomie Klaus released on Moli Del Tro records ahead of her next album, due in 2024.

Salopecia Pox Calypso

Friday 1st December, 5PM (Paris time)

Pox Calypso”, Salopecia’s new album, will be released by Monograph this Friday, December 1st. With this album Salopecia gives us a sensitive and generous work, a portrait of a set of pernicious trends of our time against which he persists in resisting.

The diverse themes give rise to varied protagonists with their own natures, like a hydra with multiple voices. The void moves from piece to piece, reappearing each time in a dense universe. Each piece acts as one of the vanishing points of a perspective which locates the common resonance which gave birth to the whole.

The hues of the different hip-hop, grunge and electronic influences that jockeyed for their place in Salopecia, coagulated together, becoming something emancipated. Nevertheless, we find with familiarity the diversity of legs that carry Salopecia: grooves, squeaks, grunts, gurgles and glottis.


Monograph |



20 years Mu compilation

Friday November 23, 2023, 5PM

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the MU Collective is proud to present its third compilation! After a first volume in 2015, thought of as a summary of what was exciting in its first landmark, the MU Garage, and a second in 2017 dedicated to the excitement of La Station, the last attempts to capture the tumultuous spirit of Station Nord, its new building inaugurated in 2020. That is, two years of parties and sonic fury aggregated in 9 titles with Bracco, Claire Dance, Dame Area, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Essuna, Front de Cadeaux, Imer6ia, Méryll Ampe, Pleasure Principle, Suuns and TTristana. Limited edition copies of the record will be available for direct sale to the 20th anniversary of MU for €20.

agnès b. has supported the Mu Collective for many years and we are proud to be present on all these 3 compilations.


Les Femmes S’en Mêlent Festival

Friday November 17, 2023, 5PM

Les Femmes S’en Mêlent (LFSM) festival returns from November 23 to December 8 with a program that is both eclectic and intergenerational, combining national and international artists. Many meetings will also be offered with the Les Femmes S’engage system, the objective of which is to bring more equality and inclusion to music. current.

This year, our (very dynamic) French scene will be in the spotlight with the presence of Silly Boy Blue, En Attendant Ana, Les Vulves Assassines, Juste Shani, We Hate You Please Die... alongside international artists including Grandmas House, RVG, Ada Oda, Ailbhe Reddy, Genn... A lineup that marks the fanfare return of amplified guitars!

Faithful to its DNA, LFSM continues to defend emergence while creating dialogue between generations, as evidenced by the arrival of the English artist Gina Birch, founding member of the iconic post-punk group of the late 70s The Raincoats or the four-handed project between Jeanne Balibar and Cléa Vincent.

This edition also revives the tradition of LFSM tours, a fundamental lever for networking and visibility of women artists. It will be held in around fifteen cities throughout the country. The opportunity for a great reunion with the artist Emilie Simon (Tulle, December 1st) who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her first album presented at the festival in 2003 or with the English trio Dream Wife (La Rochelle, November 30th). ) that we had programmed for their first scenes in 2016.

The Women S'engage system will be deployed for two weeks with workshops around computer music, mixing and sound, but also around the music ecosystem and the structuring of projects, synchronization, writing and stage coaching. Several days will be organized on the theme of the well-being and mental health of artists, the fight against VHSS, music for images and musical practice in groups. Finally, something new: our partnership around gender equality and inclusion with the Pop&Psy festival.

Le dispositif les Femmes s'engagent sera déployé pendant deux semaines avec des ateliers autour de la MAO, du mixage et de la sonorisation, mais également autour de l’écosystème de la musique et de la structuration des projets, de la synchro, de l’écriture et du coaching scénique. Plusieurs journées seront organisées sur le thème du bien-être et de la santé mentale des artistes, de la lutte contre les VHSS, de la musique à l’image et de la pratique musicale en groupe. Enfin, une nouveauté : notre partenariat autour de l’égalité femmes-hommes et de l’inclusion avec le festival Pop&Psy.

Yo La Tengo, The Bunker Sessions

Friday November 10, 2023, 5PM

Today, Yo La Tengo releases a new EP, The Bunker Sessions, which collects live performances of This Stupid World songs "Fallout", "Sinatra Drive Breakdown", "Aselestine" and "Apology Letter", as well as James McNew - led the classic "Stockholm Syndrome" from 1997's I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. Watch the band perform the songs live at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn:

Beggar's Retro

Friday October 27, 2023, 5PM

Beggars France partners with agnès b. radio to review its archives: cult releases, recent reissues and rarities.

Once a month, two selections will be updated on our respective platforms: to stock up on obscure and rare titles, meet on agnès b. radio and on our Spotify/Deezer pages for the latest reissue news from our labels.

Fleur bleu·e, Unrequited Love

Friday October 20th, 2023, 5PM

Creative chemistry might be impossible to define, but whatever it is, Fleur bleu·e have it in abundance. The Paris-based duo of Delphine Lucy Lam and Vlad Swann have presided over an assured debut album in Unrequited Love, full of delicate songs of yearning.

Recorded in a 4 days full band session at the Studio Garage in Paris, these achingly beautiful eleven songs might be bound together conceptually in the titular Unrequited Love, but be assured that you’re going to fall hard for Fleur bleu·e. Contrary to the title, it is a meeting of minds and of souls, a collision of invisible substances that together create a unique world of wistful, sonic beauty.

1st single - She Wants to Live
2nd single - L'été ivre
Debut album "Unrequited Love", on October 20th.
Release party at Boule Noire on November 10th > Tickets


13th Fantastic Twins - “Two Is Not A Number”

Friday October 13th, 2023, 5PM

Fantastic Twins, the ongoing project of Julienne Dessagne, is a sonic exploration of dual characters born from one distinct perspective. A producer, songwriter, and acclaimed live performer, Dessagne has spent the last decade sculpting a unique world.
On an ambitious new album entitled ‘Two Is Not a Number’, Dessagne immerses herself more fully than ever in the concept that inspired her artist name, exploring the entwined lives and fates of her imaginary twins, their schizophrenic dreams, small dramas, and big tragedies - a metaphor for our own psyche, our inner conflicts, and our relationship to others and otherness.
These musings on the psychological, emotional, biological, and metaphysical qualities of Twins are expressed with assured clarity, using a palate of icy deep techno, eerie atmospheric soundtracks, tranced-out dark wave, and synth pop-noir. Whether through airborne dancefloor ascension, diamond hard rhythms, electronic thundercracks, or empathy drenched vocals and the palpable sense of unease, this standout album brings Dessagne’s powerful, affecting art into sharp focus.

Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi - Golden Apples Of the Sun

Friday October 6, 2023, 5PM

Obliques and Atmospheric are very happy to present their new album “Golden Apples of the Sun”. It is the result of a close cooperation between Suzanne Ciani and Jonathan Fitoussi. The American electronic music pioneer (5 time Grammy award-nominated) has joined the French composer to sign a four-hand album around mythical synthesizers like Buchla, Moog and Ems...

Mainly recorded in California, facing the Pacific Ocean, the white sound of synthesizers mixes constantly with the sound of the waves and wind. The music generated is directly blended with the surrounding elements of nature. It is both organic and live, hypnotic and rhythmical, powerful and dreamlike .

VAGUE IMAGINAIRES, Versatile records

Fraiday September 29, 2023, 5PM

Like some film directors, Vague Imaginaires ("Imaginary Wave") will sometimes collaborate with non-professionals: homeless, psychiatric patients, social workers, refugees... the left-behinds. The melancholy within his music is "that of those who couldn't leave for the stars or the islands, the great tragedy of the forgotten ones."
His music is characterized by entanglement: double melodies interweaving, and synths fusing with non-musical sounds: "Crickets in a palm grove, rain on a barn, freshly cut pieces of wood clicking, spring water running on froth, birds in the meadow, coal clattering on a fire, thunder on the lake, soft waves on the beach. These enchanting sounds that make places what they are."
Anchored in the real world to better escape it, his music comforts and reconciles us with it, transforming reality into "a new, voluptuous world, a graviton-less exoplanet, like flying in a dream."

Jonathan Caouette's mix tape - Music for future soundtracks

Friday September 22, 2023, 5PM

Jonathan Caouette's mixtape for agnes b “music for future soundtracks”

Renowned filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, known for "Tarnation" and an upcoming music film project, presents a playlist featuring his favorite tracks and selections from his decade-spanning music video compilation. Facing a severe health crisis due to a debilitating mouth infection, chronic illnesses, and mounting medical bills, Jonathan now has an opportunity for vital oral surgeries. To aid his recovery, the original "Tarnation" team, including Marie Therese Guirgis, Stephen Winter, Brian A. Kates, John Cameron Mitchell, Gus Van Sant, and Ryan Werner, has come together to raise funds for his surgeries, medical expenses, outstanding bills, and living costs. Your support, regardless of the amount, is immensely appreciated in helping restore his health during this very critical period and ensuring his unique vision continues to enrich us for years to come. Please contribute what you can.

Simo Cell Cuspide Des Sirènes, Temet records

Friday September 15, 2023, 5PM

Take a deep breath, the album is meant to be experienced as a seamless narrative from start to finish...
Have you heard of the Legend of 'Cuspide des Sirènes'? This is not a simple tale, but an incredible tapestry woven over many years and through countless wondrous adventures.We will now recount the legend as it was recorded in the ancient scrolls.

Alek Lee, You - Antinote records

Friday September 8, 2023, 3PM

Alek Lee is back on Antinote to release his debut LP ‘You’. Covering 18 songs and crafted in the producer’s studio over the past few 4 years, the Tel Avivian has swapped the misty aura of his first two EPs for a smoked out haze. ‘You’ effortlessly blends digi-dub, boogie, and yacht rock to create a washed out, dub-pop sound befitting of its place of recording sat at the edge of the desert and the sea.

If Lee’s earlier works were defined by brooding downtempo beats with kids television vocal samples sprinkled amongst them, then the album hears the producer open himself up to the process of the singer-songwriter, getting behind the microphone and optimistically speaking words of his own. But perhaps that may be put too bluntly. Fankly, Lee fluidly moves between crooning, whispers, gasps all the way to full on ballad style singing effortlessly and with ease. His newly develop vocal experiments are too supported by an impressive array of collaborators which can be found in the LP’s liner notes. These collaborations also help to mix far-flung musical styles into the LP. For instance, take Kol Hayom featuring Keren Ilan. It’s a laid-back tune that would sit comfortably beside Rita Lee tropicália. Or Love To Puff You Baby featuring $hkuro, which upends Donna Summer’s bodily groove into a heady bop.

‘You’ is a testament to Alek Lee’s prolific exploration of his own brand of dub: shimmering off-beat guitars, low-fidelity beats and deep grooves. Oh and always a melodica line found somewhere amongst it.

The Breeders "Last Splash" the 30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition

Friday, August 25th, 2023 - 5pm (local time)

Last Splash, the Breeders' iconic album and absolute symbol of the 90s, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Recorded by the band in its original form of Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson, and featuring the monumental hit Cannonball, Last Splash immediately became an alternative rock classic, achieving instant classic status and international acclaim. .

To celebrate this anniversary, the album has been remastered from the original analog tapes – which were thought to be lost – a process that has also made it possible to excavate two previously unreleased tracks, a discovery that will delight fans.

Today, the Breeders are sharing one of those songs, Go Man Go, along with a brand new video directed by Brandon Weaver.

Entitled Last Splash (the 30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition), the special edition will include two 45 rpm vinyls, as well as a single-sided additional disc containing two forgotten tracks from the original Last Splash sessions: Go Man Go, a title that Kim co-wrote with Black Francis, and Divine Mascis, a version of Divine Hammer with vocals provided by J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

For this special edition, the original and iconic clutch of the late visionary designer Vaughan Oliver has been beautifully re-imagined by his longtime partner Chris Bigg.


--------The Breeders--------


Love and Rockets ‘Hot Trip To Heaven’

Friday, August 18th, 2023 - 5pm

Love And Rockets was formed in 1985, following the split from Bauhaus by Daniel Ash (vocals and guitar), David J (vocals and bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums). Objective: to wipe the slate clean and probe the imagination of the trio without limit to draw new sounds. The band's fifth album, Hot Trip To Heaven, is startlingly different from anything that has come before it and features a wide range of influences, from twisted lounge jazz to ambient trance. With a feat from Egyptian-Belgian singer Natacha Atlas, the world music influences of the album are evident. New York Magazine called it "hypnotic, shimmering, dark and shattering" and in 1994 the album was ahead of its time, predating the electronic music revolution by a few years. Citing Primal Scream's Screamadelica, Underwold's Dub no bass with my headman, The Orb and Aphex Twin as key comparisons, Hot Trip To Heaven spawned two singles: the hypnotic This Heaven and the sprawling Body and Soul.


--------Love and rockets--------


Lush ‘Spooky, Split & Lovelife’

Friday, August 11th, 2023 - 5pm (local time)

After long years of waiting, the three Lush studio albums will be available on vinyl again from August 11, 2023.

Articulated around the songwriting talents of Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, Lush defined the sound of an era, at the crossroads of shoegaze, dream pop and Britpop, before disbanding in 1998. A group that became cult over time, uniting new generations. And aside from a lavish retrospective box set from Record Store Day in 2016, all three studio albums – Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) – have been unavailable on vinyl since the 90s.

With demand high, the band worked with renowned engineer/producer Kevin Vanbergen to help remaster their back catalog, starting with their studio albums. Using the original production tapes, Kevin painstakingly reworked them to create new 24-bit masters that perfectly capture the essence of the originals. They have never sounded so good.

Famous for collaborating with 4AD's in-house designers, v23, on every release, album art has always been central to Lush's appeal. For these reissues, the first two albums will be presented in their original designs, while Lovelife will use their box art from 2016 to retain the collectible tracing paper sleeve from 1996, exclusive to this first pressing.




Beggar's retro

Friday August 4, 2023, 5PM

Beggar's France and agnès b. joins forces to make you discover the Beggar's retro playlist every month. Taken from Beggar's back catalog, discover the universe of the beginning, essentials and rarities of the labels Rough Trade, Matador records, 4AD, XL records, Beggar's Banquet

The agnès b radio summer playlist

Friday 28 July, 5pm (local time)

Discover agnès b.'s summer 2023 playlist. radio with our essentials, news and surprises that will arrive in September.

Spotify link:

Summer playlist :

Alek Lee, Antinote records

Friday July 21, 2023, 5PM

Alek Lee is back on Antinote to release his debut LP ‘You’. Covering 16 songs and crafted in the producer’s studio over the past few 4 years, the Tel Avivian has swapped the misty aura of his first two EPs for a smoked out haze. ‘You’ effortlessly blends digi-dub, boogie, and yacht rock to create a washed out, dub-pop sound befitting of its place of recording sat at the edge of the desert and the sea.

If Lee’s earlier works were defined by brooding downtempo beats with kids television vocal samples sprinkled amongst them, then the album hears the producer open himself up to the process of the singer-songwriter, getting behind the microphone and optimistically speaking words of his own. But perhaps that may be put too bluntly. Fankly, Lee fluidly moves between crooning, whispers, gasps all the way to full on ballad style singing effortlessly and with ease. His newly develop vocal experiments are too supported by an impressive array of collaborators which can be found in the LP’s liner notes. These collaborations also help to mix far-flung musical styles into the LP. For instance, take Kol Hayom featuring Keren Ilan. It’s a laid-back tune that would sit comfortably beside Rita Lee tropicália. Or Love To Puff You Baby featuring $hkuru, which upends Donna Summer’s bodily groove into a heady bop.

‘You’ is a testament to Alek Lee’s prolific exploration of his own brand of dub: shimmering off-beat guitars, low-fidelity beats and deep grooves. Oh and always a melodica line found somewhere amongst it.

La route du rock "Instants" exhibition, Titouan Massé

Friday July, 2023, 5PM

Echoing his exhibition "Instants" which took place from July 19 to August 20, 2023 in Saint-Malo, the photographer Titouan Massé gives us his soundtrack to accompany it. A summary of his best stage memories.
Originally from Brittany, Titouan Massé embarked on concert photography in 2010. His work highlights a passion for music but also evokes these friendships forged in concert halls and festivals. It captures the energy of the public and the fury of the stage, as much as the portraits of artists, thus freezing the immediacy of these significant encounters.

Titouan Massé :
Facebook :
Instagram :
Twitter :

La Route du Rock :
Facebook :
Instagram :
Twitter :

Anohni and The Johnsons, Rough Trade records

Friday June 07, 2023, 5PM

“I've been thinking a lot about Marvin Gaye's What's Going On. That was a really important touchstone in my mind,” says ANOHNI of her sixth studio album, My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross. “Some of these songs respond to global and environmental concerns first voiced in popular music over 50 years ago.”

As the British-born, New York-based artist’s first full album since 2016’s HOPELESSNESS,ANOHNI explains that the creative process was painstaking, yet also inspired, joyful, and intimate, a renewal and a renaming of her response to the world as she sees it.

A record its creator acknowledges is inextricably both personal and political, and one that is full of heartfelt music that also questions its own right to be heard, My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross demonstrates music’s unique capacity to bring harmony to competing, sometimes contradictory, elements.

“For me, there's no heavenly respite; creation is a spectral and feminine continuum, and our souls are an inalienable part of nature.”

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Arthur Russell, Picture Of Bunny Rabbit

Friday June 29, 2023, 5PM

“In outer space you can’t take your drums - you take your mind” - Arthur Russell

Rough Trade Records in partnership with Audika Records are excited to announce ‘Picture of Bunny Rabbit’(code only faster: crossing the line from vocal to instrumental and back) a new album of previously unreleased World Of Echo era material by Arthur Russell recorded in 1985/86.

‘Picture of Bunny Rabbit’ features nine previously unreleased performances from this era compiled from completed masters culled from two unique test pressings, including one, dated 9/15/85 by Arthur, provided by his mother and sister. A further four tracks were discovered in his tape archive. The track listing includes an exceptional and dramatic solo recording of “In The Light of a Miracle” and the enigmatic title instrumental “Picture of Bunny Rabbit”, written especially for a friends pet rabbit. The bulk of the material was recorded with engineer Eric Liljestrand at Battery Sound Studios, New York, which was located directly opposite the World Trade Center and at Arthur’s apartment studio in the East Village.

In 1986 Arthur Russell was diagnosed with HIV, that same year he released his career-defining masterpiece ‘World of Echo’, the first and only solo album issued during his lifetime. Arthur had found his voice and a fresh direction with a set of new, transformative material, unlike anything he or anyone else had previously released. His illness ensured that the artistic growth and sense of exploration encapsulated in ‘World of Echo’ would be tragically curtailed. Within six short years Arthur was gone.Arthur’s final years were filled with a renewed commitment to creativity and unceasing live and recording work. He regularly performed the ‘World of Echo’ material and incorporated several of its compositions in collaborations with choreographers active in New York’s innovative dance community. Arthur worked closely with Diane Madden, Allison Salzinger, Stephanie Woodard and John Bernd, usually playing his cello and effects boxes off stage as the choreographers’ pieces were performed. In 1993 Arthur posthumously received a prestigious Bessie Composer Award for his work in the dance world.

Rone, L(oo)ping Live with Orchestre National de Lyon

Friday June 16 2023, 5PM

L(oo)ping is a creation of a new genre, which crystallizes the work of Rone: a concert with the 80 musicians of the Orchester national de Lyon, an album recorded live from the Auditorium de Lyon and a film unclassifiable directed by Louise Narboni.

The album, which brings together a selection of pieces by Rone arranged by Romain Allender for the Orchestra (conducted by Dirk Brossé), will be available on June 16, accompanied by two sold-out concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris (June 19 & 20). The film will be broadcast on Arte in September and screened in preview on June 18 at mk2 Bibliothèque.

Bruce Falkian on Atinote

Friday June 9, 2023, 5PM

Bruce Falkian is a world famous contemporary artist who exhibits at the world’s most prestigious art galleries and fairs. Bruce Falkian moonlights as an agent of espionage against the Terrorism Industrial Complex. Wait... what?

To understand Bruce Falkian we first must understand the link between image and war. In the late 1800s the precursor to the video camera was invented. It was directly inspired by guns, specifically, Samuel Colt’s Revolver. It borrowed not only its barrel mechanics, swapping bullets for exposures, but its terminology too. Load, point, scope, aim, shoot, flash. The camera and the gun, united by cordite, would go on to prove the most efficacious tools in shaping the modern world.

The 20th century was a laboratory when it comes to killing and image making, glorified through Hollywood and the Western genre. Propaganda would prove highly effective in creating and sustaining support for militaries fighting for ideological global control. Devised first in the aptly title ‘Propaganda’ (1928) by Edward Bernays a nephew of Sigmund Freud, Advertising and Public Relations became the leading media industries, learning how to control the population through images, usually just to buy random crap they didn’t need, but other times to overthrow democratically elected politicians in foreign countries. Eventually Western Liberal Democracy assumed domination, built of course on the enslavement of all peoples and nations who didn’t fall in line with its specific ideas of living. The Red Scare inspired countless anti-leftist, anti-communist works of art throughout the Cold War, notably and most bizarre, funding the abstract expressionist movement as a non-ideological alternative to socialist realism art. When the Soviet Union fell, Western Liberal Democracy was able to promulgate its unhindered views around the world through its various media empires and actor states. Is it a coincidence that a third of the almost $85 billion dollar global camera equipment market is represented by the greatest propaganda beast the world as ever seen, the USA?

Guns are dangerous because of the obvious. Images are dangerous because we are bad at perceiving what is real (as any jump scare, deepfake, newsreel will attest to.) Videos aren’t technically real, they are only a collection of rapidly changing static images which give the illusion of movement. It’s easy for us to collectively decide that a video is real, because that’s the way our brains perceive reality. People who lead the world of media understand this which is how they are able to control us, make us invade foreign countries, vote for specific politicians, feel ugly or fat etc. However, ubiquitous as they are, it seems that the image is in crisis. It seems that we’ve run out of them. Or perhaps our understanding of an image is changing, with the aid of near instantaneous text-to-image AI technology. So what does this mean for guns. What does this mean for war? How will images be used as an aid to war in the 21st century? It remains to be seen, but Bruce Falkian will be a useful agent.

Les armes à feu sont dangereuses à cause de l'évidence. Les images sont dangereuses parce que nous ne percevons pas bien ce qui est réel (comme n'importe quel jump scare, deepfake, newsreel en attestera.) Les vidéos ne sont pas techniquement réelles, elles ne sont qu'une collection d'images statiques changeant rapidement qui donnent l'illusion de mouvement. Il est facile pour nous de décider collectivement qu'une vidéo est réelle, car c'est ainsi que notre cerveau perçoit la réalité. Les gens qui dirigent le monde des médias comprennent comment ils sont capables de nous contrôler, de nous faire envahir des pays étrangers, de voter pour des politiciens spécifiques, de se sentir laids ou gros, etc. Cependant, omniprésents comme ils sont, il semble que l'image soit en crise. Il semble que nous en manquons. Ou peut-être que notre compréhension d'une image est en train de changer, à l'aide d'une technologie d'IA texte-image quasi instantanée. Alors qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour les armes à feu. Qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour la guerre ? Comment les images seront-elles utilisées comme aide à la guerre au XXIe siècle ? Cela reste à voir, mais Bruce Falkian sera un agent utile.

Tolouse Low Trax "Live in Athens"

Friday, June 02nd, 2023 - 5pm (local time)

Here comes the first live recording of Tolouse Low Trax, straight from Athens' Romantso club. An extended version and fluid mix full of deconstructed elements of new and previous tracks from the past and future. Tslx is sampling himself, dub versions in a constant rough mpc flow. Energetic minimalistic tribal machine music for very late nights or the sunset behind broken columns in ancient ruins.

BAR ITALIA "Tracey Denim"

Friday 26 May, 5pm (local time)

London band bar italia release their new album, the highly anticipated 'Tracey Denim'. After two albums on Dean Blunt's label, an EP and several experimental rock singles infused with the 90s, the mysterious trio asserts its place of choice within an increasingly prolific British underground scene.
‘Tracey Denim’ was recorded and produced by bar italia with mixing from Marta Salogni. It features singles “Nurse!”, described as “a hypnotic post-punk ballad” (The Guardian) and “narcotically arresting” (Pitchfork), and “punkt”, featured in The Observer's “Hot Tracks” and on which Clash noted, “quietly shattering the rulebook, bar italia are delivering something very interesting indeed.”

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Blick Bassy - Mádibá

Friday 19 May, 5pm (local time)

Following the successes of Akö (2015) and 1958 (2019), singer and composer Blick Bassy is back with a fifth album, again sung in the Bassa language of Cameroon. Mádibá brings together ten songs in the form of fables, dedicated to the theme of water, in which her high and angelic voice dominates, carried by delicate guitar and synthesizer melodies, and sober brass arrangements. Diaphanous and nevertheless modernist songs, which testify to a contemporary and poetic Africanity, at the crossroads of soul, folk and electro.



76th Cannes Film Festival agnès b. playlist

Friday 19 may, 3pm (local time)

On the occasion of the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, discover this Friday from 3 p.m. the Agnès b. Cinema playlist. Also available on Spotify

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Playlist for the 76th edition of the Cannes Film festival:

Retro with agnès b.

Friday May 12, 5PM

Beggar's France and agnès b. joins forces to make you discover the Beggar's retro playlist every month. From the back catalog of Beggar's and linked to all of their re-editions, discover the universe of the beginning, the essentials and the rarities of the labels Rough Trade, Matador records, 4AD, XL records and Beggar's Banquet. The playlist will be available on Spotify and broadcast on agnès b radio.

01 Paris Maquis - Métal Urbain
02 She Is Beyond Good And Evil - The Pop Group
03 Ban Marriage - The Hidden Cameras
04 Pablo Meets Mr. Bassie - Augustus Pablo
05 Trip And Glide - Love and Rockets
06 Last Splash -The Breeders
07 The Boy With a Smile on His Face - Arthur Russell
08 Palomine - Bettie Serveert
09 Was All Talk - Kurt Vile
10 Nostalgia - Weekend
11 Five String Serenade - Mazzy Star
12 Let's Save Tony Orlando's House - Yo La Tengo
13 Les and Ray - Le Tigre
14 Face in the crowd - The Merton Parkas
15 One Man, No City - Parquet Courts
16 Elephant Woman - Blonde Redhead
17 Take the Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven
18 Bonus. See Sons Bring Some More Out Tomb We Enter - Papa Sprain
19 Bonus. I'll be your mirror - Rainy Day
20 Bonus. I'll keep it with mine - Rainy Day

The National - "First Two Pages of Frankenstein" on 4AD

Friday 05 May - 5PM (local time)

Today, The National has announced the release of its ninth studio album, First Two Pages of Frankenstein. Anchored by evocative melodies and an enthralling lyrical narrative, First Two Pages of Frankenstein signals a new chapter in the band’s beloved discography. The 11-song album was produced by The National at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York and features guest appearances by Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens.

After two back-to-back albums and several busy years of touring, First Two Pages of Frankenstein was initially stalled while lead singer Matt Berninger navigated, “a very dark spot where I couldn’t come up with lyrics or melodies at all. Even though we’d always been anxious whenever we were working on a record, this was the first time it ever felt like maybe things really had come to an end.” Instead, The National “managed to come back together and approach everything from a different angle, and because of that we arrived at what feels like a new era for the band,” according to guitarist/pianist Bryce Dessner, whose bandmates also include his brother Aaron (guitar/piano/bass) as well as brothers Scott Devendorf (bass, guitar) and Bryan Devendorf (drums).

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The Independent Labels Convention

Friday April 13, 5PM

Here we go again, the Independent Labels Convention is coming back on April 22!
On the program for this 7th edition, many stands of vinyls, cassettes, CDs (or even fanzines or even video games), held by the most prominent labels in France.
The day will also be dotted with DJ sets, then concerts performed by new talents from the French independent scene and favorites from the local team. All this, free entry.
For the occasion, agnès b radio will broadcast the event live on Saturday April 22... stay tuned!

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Koudlam "Precipice Fantasy Part II

Friday March 31, 5PM

After releasing "Precipice Fantasy Part I" in October 2022, Koudlam delivers the second part of his album.
The first part is a salvo of meteorites where the artist uses, as usual, standardized pop patterns to make them disrupted, and always without deviating from the ultimate melody, chanted until trance.
The second part is an instrumental and contemplative record, a kind of music for an uncomfortable yoga session, that of a tourist who dreamed of climbing Everest but who no longer has the strength to get out of Kathmandu's underworld.
Koudlam thus delivers the soundtrack of the summits and the precipices. Or rather that of the path between the two, sinuous, vertiginous, always on the edge of the blade.

Six songs For Genesis P-Orridge

Friday 24 March, 5PM (local time)

As part of Chrysalis: The Butterfly's Dream, the Center d'Art Contemporain Genève offers a musical program on the 5th floor around Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, artist of the exhibition who died three years ago in March 2020. The curator of the 5th Floor Radio, Guillaume Sorge, thus offers to rediscover his musical work through, in particular, pieces by Throbbing Grisle, an experimental group from the 1970s made up of Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter and Peter Christopherson. Six new musical contributions by December, Beau Wanzer, Not Waving, Deeat Palace, Dame Area and Alto Fuero complete this program.


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Instagram | @centredartcontemporaingeneve

Child Of the Nature, Forager Records

Friday March 17, 3PM

A further exercise in musical curation, Child Of Nature is our latest sonic confluence of self-released tracks from the loners, hippies and outsiders of the 70s and early 80s. A collection of privately pressed music, able to breathe and be created free from the constraints of heavy handed commercialism, yielding a pure vision of artistic expression. Child Of Nature features ten songs of brooding soft rock and psychedelic folk steeped in melancholia. Some ache for better times or past lovers, while others seek spiritual fulfillment or social progress.

A compilation to evoke the raw and unobstructed, to summon the occult, to fundamentally conjure a vivid portrait of our untamed natural environment. Recorded on the north coast of California, Luellen Reese’s ethereal “Silvery Waterfalls” drifts and swirls with electric guitar as her unearthly vocals transcend across a seven minute opus, fit for the golden age of labels like 4AD or Dedicated. “The flowers are dancing just for you …”, Reggie Russell croons over glistening Key Of Creek’s title track “Child Of Nature”, evoking a utopian world of natural harmony free from the present day realities of industrial decay.

Tap into your inner primal being, to embrace wholeheartedly, with frivolity and without reserve, your own child of nature.

Rob & Jack Lahana, Summercamp

Friday March 10 2023, 3PM

SUMMERCAMP takes us by the hand and takes us on a journey, from the Parisian studio on rue d'Enghien to a multitude of fantasized and real territories where the most obvious and improbable encounters are born. Accompanied by their guests, music as a universal language, each song is an invitation to share the dreams and hopes of Rob & Jack Lahana.
Composed by Rob, punctuated by Jack Lahana, SUMMERCAMP is an album, a collection, a collection, a series of intimate and epic moments, sunny and bloody, melancholy and dancing.

I:Cube release party

Saturday March 4, 6PM

Saturday, March 4 from 6 p.m. La FAB will host the Eye Cube album release party in partnership with Versatile and agnès b.
I:Cube will play live and will be accompanied by DJ sets from Toulouse Low Trax and Gilb'r.
Admission is free and the entire release party will be broadcast live on agnès b. Radio.
La FAB: Place Jean -Michel Basquiat 75013 Paris, France.

I:Cube, "Eye Cube"

Friday March 3, 3PM

I:Cube released their sixth album, simply titled Eye Cube, on March 3.
In recent years, Nicolas Chaix has made a plethora of remixes and released a lot of stuff either alone (Double pack, Cubo Live Sessions 1 and 2) or with friends (John Cravache, Gilbert, Alma vox, or his son).
The creative process for "Eye cube", a reference to the initial form of his blase chosen in 1993 (memophone era, graffiti, art studies, techno and library records at Boulinier to sample, all that), is mainly based on the live jam with machines in the studio.
Certainly his most personal album to date with one foot in the club, the other in more experimental music containing elegiac ambient passages and darkos moments, it's something to listen to as you want, the album format being ultimately quite secondary.
The whole is instinctive, raw, immersive and sincere, with a magical and analog production of the most beautiful effect.
Capture the moment in the studio, the moment when "something is happening", return to something more urgent and timeless. It's successful Mr. Cube, well done!

The Two Eps, Owen Pallett

Friday, February 24th, 3PM

Domino is pleased to announce expanded and remastered reissues of Owen Pallett's early catalog, including the albums Has A Good Home (2005) and He Poos Clouds (2006), as well as two Spectrum EPs, 14th Century and Plays to Please (both 2008) combined into an LP version. These recordings have been remastered by João Carvalho at Revolution, and will be available on vinyl and digital in deluxe editions, with rare titles, B-sides, excerpts from compilations and unreleased tracks. Owen Pallett built his reputation on his stage virtuosity, as a violinist for many local Toronto bands (including The Hidden Cameras), and then with his solo project. Has a Good Home serves as an introduction (and includes many of his best-known songs), and the next He Poos Clouds is a string quartet album based on Dungeons & Dragons School of Magic, and was awarded the inaugural Polaris Music Prize. . This spring, Owen Pallett and The Hidden Cameras will co-headline a European tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Smell of Our Own album by The Hidden Cameras. The Smell Of Our Own is a seminal album from the Toronto scene of the early 2000s, where the artistic, musical, DIY and queer communities came together. Owen was both a band member and a contributor to this album. "It felt like a stage party, we were part of a big and prolific gay scene in Toronto. It was a celebratory time in our lives."

The Golden Dregs "On Grace & Dignity"

Friday 10 February, 3PM

The origins of On Grace & Dignity lie in the winter of 2020, when Benjamin Woods (mastermind at work behind the alias the GOLDEN DREGS) lost his job during confinement and returned to live with his parents. He is interested in its origins and what it means to be shaped by a place – in this case, Truro, the capital of Cornwall, home to a rare three-pronged cathedral, a lazy river and lots of empty shops and housing estates out of town. Written, recorded and produced by Woods from his south London home and childhood bedroom in Truro, it was mixed by Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding) who provided additional production.



Tolouse Low Trax "Leave Me Alone"

Friday 03 February, 6PM (local time)

With "Leave Me Alone", Detlef Weinrich presents his fifth album under the moniker Tolouse Low Trax. Weinrich, who has meanwhile turned his back on Düsseldorf and lives in Paris, has long since ceased to be an insider tip and is a guest in renowned clubs and festivals all over Europe. With his new album, he succeeds in an exciting, unforeseen new direction. The velvety heaviness and rawness of earlier records seems to have given way to a new playfulness. A playfulness perhaps in the sense of an electronica reminiscent of the late 1990s, which in its idea of deconstruction and reduction is currently enjoying a new appreciation in the clubs. But also in the sense of an urban vibe of hip hop and dub references, which are woven into a very unique mix in Weinrich's tracks.



King Tuff "Smalltown Stardust"

Friday 27 january, 3PM (local time)

There are times in our life when we feel magic in the air. When a new love
happens, or that we find ourselves lost in a moment of creation with other people
who share our vision. You say, "This is what I want to be. That's what I want to share." It is a fleeting feeling and it is one that Kyle Thomas, the singer-songwriter who
records and performs as King Tuff, began researching in the spring of 2020.
But knowing that he could not recreate this period of his life at will, Thomas, originally from Brattleboro, Vermont set out to write a love letter to those precious moments
of inspiration and to the small town that formed it. The one where he first nourished his impulses as a composer, by exchanging ideas with other like-minded artists. The kind of place where the changing seasons bring a sense of perspective and new artistic inspiration.
It was there that he felt a deep connection with nature. “I wanted to make an album to remind myself that life is magic,” he tells us. That's how Thomas got hold of his memories, creating this which he calls "an album about love, nature and youth".



Mofo 17 - Des Racines du Zele

Friday January 20, 6 PM

We thought he was defeated. Trampled by the authorities, torn from his own home, sabotaged by a pandemic, frozen by two long winters… We thought he was gone forever. But he was nevertheless seen, at the corner of Charles Garnier and Étienne Dolet streets. Passers-by have seen it, yes! It looks like he survived! The legend says that from an animal, it would have changed into a plant. That to resist, it would have taken the form of pungent herbs, mutated flowers: an ideal alloy to take back roots, where its place has always been. Did you know that weeds always grow back? Yes, we can assure you: MOFO is really back.
From 26 au 28 january 2023, Mains d’Œuvres will welcome, after three long years of absence, the MOFO festival for its seventeenth edition. And is there more fertile ground than that of its parent company to grow the craziest herbs that its path has crossed in the meantime?


agnès b. best of singles 2022

Friday 13 January, 3PM

Discover a selection of 100 singles played on agnès b. radio released in 2022. Much more to find on agnès b. radio Friday January 13 from 3 PM

Playlist Spotify

Taken by Trees Another Year EP on Rough Trade records

Friday December 16, 3PM

After a four year pause, Victoria Bergsman’s Taken By Trees returns with a mini album of Colin Blunstone covers entitled Another Year, which will be released by Rough Trade Records. Out today is the first track from the mini album, Say You Don’t Mind, a song written and originally recorded by The Moody Blues' Denny Laine in 1967, which was then a solo hit for Colin Blunstone in 1972.

“It’s really exciting to see these songs brought back to life 50 years later with such unique interpretations. Victoria Bergsman’s instantly recognisable vocals add such a melancholy and contemporary edge.” Colin Blunstone.

This mini album also marks the 50th anniversary of The Zombies frontman Colin Blunstone’s debut solo album, One Year, an underrated classic — but it also became an emotional salute to one of Bergsman’s favourite singers.

Takayuki Shiraishi "Photon" on Camisole records

Friday 09 december, 6PM (Paris time)

Takayuki Shiraishi is no stranger to Camisole Records. With projects like BGM, MLD (CAM022) or Tristan Disco (CAM023) he is considered as one of the most prominent figures of underground Japanese music.
Following those 80's industrial projects he continued his path and recorded numerous electronic tracks without forgetting his experimental roots.
After an EP on the highly revered label Apollo with his alias "Planetoid", he released on a very limited run his first album "Photon" only on cd in 1997.
Mixing Techno and Ambient, those works were recorded between 1987 and 1996 to create a trancey ride of dreamy tunes.
A journey through spectral dances and afterglows, dreamy incantations and Solar rituals devoted to euphoria.

Experimental techno who never forget to keep your mind and body aware.

Antinote - 10 Years Of Loving Notes

Friday 02 december, 6PM (local time)

The French label Antinote celebrates its 10th anniversary at the end of November with the compilation "X, ten years of loving notes and foolin' around, 2012-2022", 18 tracks that reflect the eclectic DA of the stable: a hybrid mix between pop, music electronics and “leftfield” music. There are artists loyal to the label: Domenique Dumont, IUEKE, Chimère FM (I:Cube), Epsilove (Syracuse), D.K., Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.), Nico Motte, Low Jack, Geena…

The Antinote adventure began in 2012 when the artist IUEKE decided to release 90's techno archives which were initially intended for release on the Aphex Twin label, when he and IUEKE were roommates in London. It was then Antinote's first album, followed by releases that freed themselves from the shackles of electronic music and quickly positioned the label above the rest by developing a unique and unpredictable artistic direction led by Quentin Vandewalle. aka Zaltan. Music crafted for lovers of dance music on the fringe and groove off the beaten path. In just one year, Antinote was elected Label of the Month by the reference site Resident Advisor and in 2015 will appear in their top 5 of the best labels of the year.


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Hideous Bastard, Oliver Sim

Friday September 16th, 3PM

Oliver Sim's debut album - best known for his work as a songwriter, vocalist and bassist for the xx - 'Hideous Bastard' is an exploration of the artist's hauntings sublimated through 10 autobiographical tracks produced by Jamie xx.

Section 26 playlist new summer 2022

Friday September 9th, 3pm (Paris time)

Flares and extreme heat have made the most beautiful season waver in terrifying alarmism, giving us the feeling of being very little compared to the years to come. For our part, we still have a few bubbles of freshness and energy to share through this selection of 36 titles that arrived during the summer. And no, we don't... (entirely) spent bubbling on wet bath towels…

Spotify link:

Section 26 Link:

Foraged Sounds - Wild Fire

Friday September 2nd, 3pm (Paris time)

For the whole month of August, agnès b wishes to invite the Los Angeles-based label Forager records. Discover the universe of this atypical label specializing in the edition of compilations of folk, soul, psyche and soft rock rarity and other wonders. Their mixtape recorded only from the original vinyl. See you every Friday in August at 3 p.m. on agnès b radio.

This week discover: "Wild Fire" (Folk / Soft Rock / Soul Vinyl Only Mix);

Foraged Sounds - While The Cold Earth Slept

Friday August 26th, 3PM (Paris time)

For the whole month of August, agnès b wishes to invite the Los Angeles-based label Forager records. Discover the universe of this atypical label specializing in the edition of compilations of folk, soul, psyche and soft rock rarity and other wonders. Their mixtape recorded only from the original vinyl. See you every Friday in August at 3 p.m. on agnès b radio.

This week discover: "While The Cold Earth Slept" (Folk / Soul / Jazz Vinyl Only Continuous Mix);

Foraged Sounds - Wind & Stone

Friday August 19th, 3PM (Paris time)

For the whole month of August, agnès b wishes to invite the Los Angeles-based label Forager records. Discover the universe of this atypical label specializing in the edition of compilations of folk, soul, psyche and soft rock rarity and other wonders. Their mixtape recorded only from the original vinyl. See you every Friday in August at 3 p.m. on agnès b radio.

This week discover: "Wind & Stone" (Sun Kissed Psych, Soul, & Folk Continuous Vinyl Only Mix)

Foraged Sounds - Pushin' Up Daisies

Friday August 12th, 3PM (Paris time)

For the whole month of August, agnès b wishes to invite the Los Angeles-based label Forager records. Discover the universe of this atypical label specializing in the edition of compilations of folk, soul, psyche and soft rock rarity and other wonders. Their mixtape recorded only from the original vinyl. See you every Friday in August at 3 p.m. on agnès b radio.

This week discover: "Pushin' Up Daisies" (Rare Psych / Folk / Soul Continuous Vinyl Mix) ;

Foraged Sounds - La Femme Mystique

Friday August 05th, 3PM (Paris time)

For the whole month of August, agnès b wishes to invite the Los Angeles-based label Forager records. Discover the universe of this atypical label specializing in the edition of compilations of folk, soul, psyche and soft rock rarity and other wonders. Their mixtape recorded only from the original vinyl. See you every Friday in August at 3 p.m. on agnès b radio.

This week discover: "La Femme Mystique" (Female Folk / Psych / Soul Vinyl Only Continuous Mix) 

La Route du Rock playlist Summer #30

Friday August 29th, 3PM

Here is the compilation of the 30th edition of La Route du Rock from August 17 to 20 in Saint-Malo.
Between legendary artists and the newcomers of the international independent scene, listen to the full program of the Malouin festival: the new heroes of Irish rock Fontaines D.C., the brilliant Australians of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, the British dandy Baxter Dury, the incredible songwriter Kevin Morby, our favorite psyché-yéyés The Limiñanas, New Zealand folk diva Aldous Harding, pop revelation of the year Wet Leg...

36 Songs for 36 Shots

Friday July 22, 3PM

Echoing his exhibition "36 Shots" which takes place in Saint-Malo from July 23 to August 21, photographer Richard Dumas offers us his soundtrack to accompany it: 36 titles chosen for the 36 portraits of musicians exhibited.
Mixing styles and eras and giving pride of place to covers, we go from the jazz of Miles Davis to the pop of Etienne Daho, from the tense rock of Fontaines D.C. to the synthetic punk of Suicide, from the haunted singing of Nick Cave to the majestic by Alain Bashung… Good listening!
“36 Shots” Exhibition by Richard Dumas from August 23 to 21 in Saint-Malo, presented by the La Route du Rock festival in partnership with agnès b.

Valentin Ranger, Playlist La Fab.

Friday July 15, 3PM

Valentin Ranger describes the landscape that inhabits his mind as a “huge opera”. With a background in theatre, the young man first found the confidence to assume himself as he was, before coming up against the limits of the human body. Influenced by popular fiction and the fantastic worlds of video games, his agender characters with heart-shaped heads embody the guardians of a hybrid wonderland. Phantasmagoric, the creatures in her work coexist in harmony to the point of merging their bodies in euphoric scenes. The artist wins the agnès b. des beaux arts de paris in 2021 and is part of the Emerige 2022 revelations.

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"Vacation From my mind" on Forager records

Friday 8 july, 3PM (Paris time)

A gift to the overthinkers and overworked. Those who are over-concerned and always preoccupied. This is an invitation to hang up the bootstraps, take a load off, and visit a place in the mind where the sun is shining, the breeze is soft and the waves lap softly at your feet. Vacation From My Mind is a sonic realignment of melancholic soul, breezy soft rock, & mellow jazz-funk.. 

This album is a thoughtfully curated collection of 12 rare and obscure tracks from 1973 to 1981. From Jeanette Baker’s hypnotic 70’s soul title track “Vacation From My Mind” to the Latin rhythms of David Buckland’s jazz-funk “Celia”, this compilation was lovingly crafted to ease the stresses and worries of modern life. The Care Package’s song “The Storm” is a larger-than-life production of dreamy harmonies not often found on privately released 45s. Utopia’s “Lejos De Mi” is a slow-burning slice of Bolivian psych that will have you searching for similar sounds. Whatever your preference, we hope that this album will give you a vacation from your mind. 

Original artwork by Eric Thompson

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Section 26 Playlist news june 2022

Friday 1st July, 3PM (Paris time)

If this new batch of novelties starts on a cloud of sweetness and blossoms in the tenderness of a pop mixed with soul, you should never let yourself be lulled without expecting other emotions. A post-punk storm could well distract you from this languid break. Like every month, the editor's choice presents all its differences, its raw turns, but remains two hours of modern pop in the most eclectic sense of the term.

Martin Courtney, Corncob (Domino)
Alex G, Runner (Domino)
Young Gun Silver Fox, West Side Jet (Légère Recordings)
Drugdealer, Madison (Mexican Summer)
Fonteyn, These Days (Born Losers)
Son Parapluie (feat. Isobel Campbell), Paris n'existe pas (Europop 2000 / 80 Proof)
Primevère, Sémiophore I (Figures Libres / Dear Deer)
Cut Worms, Dream Most Wild (Jagjaguwar)
Sylvie (feat. Sam Burton), Stealing Time (Full Time Hobby)
Angel Olsen, This Is How It Works (Jagjaguwar)
Cass McCombs, Unproud Warrior (Anti/Epitaph)
English Summer, An English Summer's Day (Too Good To Be True Records)
Fresh Pepper, Seahorse Tranquilizer (Telephone Explosion Records)
Pearl & The Oysters (feat. Biche), Sonhando Com Nosso Amor (Feeltrip)
Automatic, Skyscrapper (Stones Throw Records)
Ben Shemie & SUUNS, The Return (Joyful Noise Recordings)
Fairy Tales In Yoghourt, Shape Mistakes (Pale Figure Records)
BERRIES, Haze (Xtra Mile Recording)
The Black Angels, El Jardín (Partisan Records)
Vintage Crop, The Bloody War (Upset! The Rhythm / Anti Fade)
The Garden, Freight Yard (Vada Vada)
Pigeon, Permanent Quest (Mangel)
Horsegirl, Option 8 (Matador)
Kitchen's Floor, Haunted Houses (Eternal Soundcheck / Petty Bunco)
Welcome Strawberry, No One Online (Too Good To Be True Records / Cherub Dream Rec.)
Syndrome 81, Lumière magnétique (Destructure)
CLAMM, Monday (Chapter Music)
Gorillaz (feat. Thundercat), Cracker Island (Parlophone)
Laura Veirs, Eucalyptus (Bella Union)
Pete Astor, English Weather (Tapete Records)
Perez, Miel (Etoile distante / Kuroneko)
Regina Spektor, Up The Mountain (Sire Records)
Tristesse Contemporaine, Rude! (Record Makers)
Cobrah, Brand New Bitch (Artist Partner Group)
Betonkust, It Comes In Waves (Betonkust)

Special Alan Vega with Jared Artaud

Friday June 24, 6PM

For the release this week of the tribute t-shirt to our dear Alan Vega discover the playlist of Jared Artaud who co-produced and mixed the "Invasion / Murder One" twelve inches released in February 2022 on Sacred Bones records and whose agnès b. is a partner.

Jared playlist :

Special Alan Vega with Liz Lamere

Friday June 24, 3PM

For the release this week of the tribute t-shirt to our dear Alan Vega, discover the interview and the playlist of Liz Lamere who co-produced and mixed the "Invasion/ Murder One" twelve inches released in February 2022 on Sacred Bones records and of whose agnès b. is a partner.

Lyz playlist :

ΣTELLA - UP AND AWAY on Sub Pop records

Friday June 17, 3PM

On June 17, 2022, Sub Pop will release Greek artist Σtella (pronounced Stella)'s second international album - and his first for the label. Based in Athens, she is also a painter, visual artist and performer. Up and Away explores the changes and his personal and musical journey so far. It proves that Heraclitus was right: you never bathe twice in the same river.

agnès b. radio invites Peaking Lights

Friday June 3, 3PM

agnès b. radio invite Peaking Lights. Venez découvrir l'univers du groupe à travers leur sélection.

Section 26 April 2022 Playlist

Friday May 27, 3PM

Damn heat. No matter how much we live in the present, it comes to crush everything without warning. Do we have the choice to free ourselves from it? Not really, unless you activate aids that will only increase its presence in the future. The snake that swallows itself over time... We choose to clear our heads with modern pop novelties. Here is our salvo for sunny days, one hundred percent fresh, my good lady. Hoping we don't get played again.

Chronophage, Summer To Fall (Bruit Direct Disques / Post Présent Medium)
Built to Spill, Understood (Sub Pop Records)
Chalk, Root By Root (Post Présent Medium)
Laura Veirs, Seaside Haïku (Bella Union)
Girlpool, Dragging My Life Into A Dream (Anti/Epitaph)
My Idea, Crutch (Hardly Art)
Emilie Vabre, Là, maintenant (Le Pli)
Julien Gasc, Amour Velours (Corps Double)
Aoife Nessa Frances , Emptiness Follows (Partisan Records)
Faye Webster, Car Therapy (Secretly Canadian)
Boris Maurussane, Social Kaleidoscope (Hot Puma Records)
Norma, A Place Where I Belong (Shortcuts)
Triptides, Fate (Curation Records)
Kevin Morby, Bittersweet, TN (Dead Oceans)
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, I Just Came Home to Count the Memories (Easy Eyes Sound)
Arlt, Le Renard (Objet Disque)
Rose Mercie, Chais Pas (Celluloid Lunch)
Mitraille, Iron Lung (Ronny Rex/Belly Button Records)
Atol Atol Atol, Gąsienice (Autoproduit)
Otoboke Beaver, I Don't Want To Die Alone (Damnably)
Helen Ganya, Haze/Revolution (Bella Union)
The Waeve, Something Pretty (PIAS)
Night Moves, Feel Another Day (Domino)
Motorama, Tomorrow (Autoproduit)
Working Men's Club, Circumference (Heavenly Recordings)
Her Absence Fill The World, Neon Arabesque (Detriti Records)
Deliluh, Amulet (Tin Angel Records)
Astéréotypie, Fantôme de Broglie Fantôme de Strasbourg (Air Rytmo)
Martin Carr, Strange Journey (Sonic Cathedral)
Kendrick Lamar, The Heart Part 5 (Top Dawg Entertainment/Aftermath / Sony)
Shygirl, Firefly (Because)
Ravyn Lenae, Venom (Atlantic)
Toro Y Moi, Millenium (ft. the Mattson 2) (Dead Oceans)
Gabriels, One and Only (WMG)

Mitzpah album release at La Fab.

Wednesday May 25, 7PM

Hervé Zénouda (Stinky Toys, Elli & Jacno, Mathématiques Modernes) and Gregory Davidow (Spions) formed a short-lived duo in Paris in 1981. That summer they recorded demos for a band project, code-named Mitzpah. First, a few tracks in Polydor studios, with the precious help of the Modern Guys, Yann Le Ker and Jean-François Coen. Then, voice and guitar demos in Zenouda's flat in New York, with a complete Mitzpah album in mind. Forty years later, never losing sight of this aborted venture, Zénouda decided to re-record all the songs with Davidow on vocals and Le Ker on guitars. The artwork was commissioned from Loulou Picasso, who created two original paintings for the front and back.
The album, entitled "Lonesome Harvest: Re-enactment N°1 (Paris 1981)", is released on Friday 13 May 2022 on the Pop Supérette label.
"These sounds and songs that the younger generation is so fascinated with trying to recreate are right here in front of us, intact. It's a great opportunity." (Bertrand Burgalat, 2020)

Friday Broadcast Playlist La Fab François Prost pour agnès b. radio #8

Friday 20 May, 3PM (Paris time)

Francois Prost is a Parisian photographer, graphic designer and art director born in Lyon in 1980. When he’s not working for editorial or commercial clients, he spends his time on personal photography projects, documenting facades of local french nightclubs, machine gun shops in the US, chinese scooters, or similarities between european cities and their chinese replicas. His work has been awarded and published in international Press (BBC, CNN, National Geographic, M le Monde, Sunday Times Magazine) and printed in 3 monographic books (After Party in 2018 by Headbangers Publishing, Paris China by Hoxton Mini Press in 2020 and “Gentlemen’s Club“ in 2021 by Fisheye).

The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention

Friday May 13, 3PM

The Smile will release their highly anticipated debut album A Light For Attracting Attention on 13 May, 2022 on XL Recordings.
The 13-track album was produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich and mastered by Bob Ludwig. Tracks feature strings by the London Contemporary Orchestra and a full brass section of contemporary UK jazz players including Byron Wallen, Theon and Nathaniel Cross, Chelsea Carmichael, Robert Stillman and Jason Yarde. The Smile, comprising Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood and Sons of Kemet’s Tom Skinner, have previously released the singles You Will Never Work in Television Again, The Smoke, and Skrting On The Surface to critical acclaim.
The Smoke was also released as a dub remix by legendary reggae producer Dennis Bovell.
The Smile’s most recent single Pana-vision was released on 3 April and appeared in the finale of Peaky Blinders. The animated video for Pana-vision features artwork by Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.
The brand new single Free In The Knowledge is out today, April 20, with an accompanying video directed by Leo Leigh. The track was first performed by Thom Yorke as part of the Letters Live event at London’s Royal Albert Hall, in December 2021, the first time Thom had performed since the pandemic began. Introducing the song, he dedicated it to all fellow UK musicians.

Shoko Igarashi debut solo album on Tigersushi records

Friday 6 May, 3PM (Paris time)

This is the debut solo album of prodigy Shoko Igarashi. She grew up in Japan, studied in the US, and now living in Brussels. Shining in its diversity, it carries elements from her rural Japan, from her llove for anime songs, the rigorousness of her Boston Berklee jazz education (she's a saxophonist), European bleep techno & Warp, and even euro disco psych kitsch. Simple Sentences is like its title implies : straightforward in its brilliance and simplicity, yet carefully measured with a maturity that almost makes us wonder - how did Shoko manage to absorb all these influences and bring them together into a vibrant sound collage which ultimately is fresh and timeless.

Pre order link:

Section 26 April 2022 Playlist

Friday 28 April, 3PM (Paris time)

Like every month, pop wears multiple attires: Belle & Sebastian, Momus, Michael Head, on the one hand, which like a well-tailored suit lasts a long time. And there are these cheerful and light feminine clothes, which we are proud to wear in season: The Jeanines, Sera Joy, Laura Veirs. And character pieces, like Rose Mercie, who has a great album in store for us this spring. Listening to this selection is a bit like putting on a second skin…

Further Sounds of S.E. Rogie on Mississippi records

Friday 8 April, 3pm (Paris time)

10 brilliant tracks from 1960’s Sierra Leone by the wildly popular S.E. Rogie!

S.E. Rogie went from running a tailor shop in Sierra Leone to being one of West Africa's most popular artists. He toured around the country, singing his palm wine music in multiple local languages, created his own record label, and was known as the most handsome man in Sierra Leone. He formed the highlife band The Morningstars in 1965. In 1973, he came to the Bay Area to live and expand his base, performing everywhere from local high schools and convalescent homes to festivals and large stages. In his later life he hit the road again and toured the world, eventually passing away while on stage in Russia in 1994.

He shared the following songwriting wisdom with his son, Rogee Rogers: “When you write a song, you can be complicated if you want, but your chorus should be that anybody can sing it.”

These tracks were originally released on his own Rogie label in the 1960s and include solo, ensemble, and Morningstars songs, most of which have never been reissued until now.

A co-release with the mighty Domino Sound label.

Friday Radio Broadcast Playlist La FAB Pablo Jomaron for agnès b. radio #7

Friday 1 March, 3PM (Paris time)

Pablo Jomaron was born in Paris in 1992 and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He is the co-founder of a publishing house and the independent label Red Lebanese. Pablo Jomaron has been exhibited at the Agnès b. gallery, Yvon Lambert foundation in Avignon, Brownstone gallery as well as at the Filles du Calvaire gallery, and at the Lille Institute of Photography. Drawing his material and his subjects from his immediate environment, Pablo Jomaron simultaneously intertwines his family history, made up of immigration and resistance, and his daily life as a young man who grew up between the 18th and 20th arrondissements of Paris.

 “In these sets remain people who have betrayed me or others who are my best friends. Good or bad, I honor the living and the dead. Together also evokes the love and support that we have for each other. This series, open and endless, constantly evolves and changes form; some characters are born there, stay, and others suddenly disappear. It's a family story. - Pablo Jomaron

Section 26 new releases March 2022 Playlist

Thursday 31 March, 3PM (Paris time)

The daffodils point their pretty sunny noses, but we still live with a triple sword of Damocles above our heads. We may tend to repeat ourselves, but what better cure than music? This month, a lot of self-produced young shoots, which is why we strongly encourage you to turn away from streaming platforms in favor of our mixed playlist on Mixcloud, where all the titles are present. Much better for hoeing hands-free in the garden.

 Savarah, Monde SéquenCiel (Autoprod)
Dent May, Crying Laughing (Autoprod)
The Hepburns, Seagulls on a Frozen Lake (Elefant Records)
Vika Orline, La loueuse (Autoprod)
Fievel is Glauque, Elsewhere (La Loi)
Clair, Tout est dans la tête (La Maison Magique)
Joni Île, 1 sur 1 (Langue Pendue)
Neutrals, Gary Borthwick Says (Static Shock Records)
Kuli, Dreams Come True (Autoprod)
Vintage Crop, Double Slants (Upset The Rhythm - Anti Fade)
Kurt Vile, Hey Like A Child (Verve Records)
Kevin Morby, This Is a Photograph (Dead Oceans)
Golden Daze, Nobody Else (Lucky Buckeye Records)
Emmanuelle Parrenin, La rêvelinière (JohnKôôl Records)
Stephan Eicher, Autour Du Cou (Universal)
Hemlock, Talk Soon (Autoprod)
Lucy Dacus, Lessons in Kissing (Matador)
Wednesday, MJ Landerman, Perfect (Smashing Pumpkins) (Orindal Records)
Hovvdy, Everything (Grand Jury Music)
Tess Roby, Up 2 Me (SSURROUNDSS)
Plastic Candles, Pacific Blue (Paisley Shirt)
Jenny Hval, Classic Objects (4AD/Beggars France)
Gwenno, An Stevel Nowydh (Heavenly Recordings/PIAS)
Mattiel, Blood In the Yolk (Heavenly Recordings/PIAS)
Société Etrange, Sur la piste de danse (Les disques Bongo Joe)
The Smile, The Smoke (Dennis Bovell RMX) (XL Recordings/Beggars France)
Nilüfer Yanya, Midnight Sun (Nilüfer Yanya)
Dr Pong, Pale Blue Eyes (Full Time Hobby)
Alexandre Bazin, Four Steps (Umor Rex Records)
Ezra Furman, Point Me Toward the Real (Anti- Records)
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Ceci n'est pas un cliché (Deewee)
Overmono, Gunk (XL Recordings/Beggars France)
Rosália, CUUUUuuuuuute (Columbia)
They Hate change, From The Floor (Jagjaguwar)
Etienne Jaumet et Fabrizio Rat, Soffiare Insieme (Bureau B)

Black Midi Cavalcovers

Friday 18 March, 3PM (Paris time)

Last year, a few months before the release of their brilliant second opus 'Cavalcade', the Londoners of black midi were indulging in the arduous exercise of the cover, following the suggestions of their fans around the world following an online contest. Initially only available in an ultra-limited flexi edition at a few record stores, 3 of these 5 covers are now available for everyone to listen to on streaming platforms. On the program (and not least): Taylor Swift, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart.

Media Links: 

Social Link: 

Playlist LA FAB Melchior Tersen for agnès b. radio

Friday 18 March, 3PM (Paris time)

Melchior Tersen
Born in 1987
Hometown: Paris

Melchior Tersen is a French multidisciplinary artist, working mainly with photography, publishing projects, clothing, and music. Having spent his entire life in the Parisian suburbs, Tersen is vastly inspired by diverse youth, popular and underground movements of contemporary society, which he has documented for the past fifteen years. His work is an iconic reference when it comes to the documentation of underground cultural com- munities. Recently, Tersen expanded his photographic practice by approaching the language of object making.

Tersen’s recent exhibition projects include “Cardigan Show” at agnès b., 2020 (New york and Shanghai), entrance, 2019 (New york), 22 Ludlow, 2019 (New york), “Le Rolling Paper with Red Lebanese” at Le Bal, 2019 (Paris), and “Manifesto” at Lafayette Anticipations, Printing Room, 2019 (Paris).

Lien Spotify: 

Ethan P. Flynn Universal Deluge EP

Friday March 11, 3PM

Conceived over a period of three years, Universal Deluge shows the depth and breadth of Ethan P. Flynn's plural and wildly singular production methods. Building on the success of his debut album B. Sides & Rarities Vol. 1, the EP Universal Deluge embarks on a darker side of pop. Combining electronic experimentation with stripped-down acoustics, it's a swirling, psychedelic little masterpiece of lo-fi.

Section 26 playlist for agnès b radio

Saturday 26 february, 3 PM (Paris time)

Are we stuck in a definitively anxiety-provoking era? armed conflicts,
pandemic, politics, environment, everything is falling apart. At our microscopic level,
try to clear the sky with music. This month, nothing faltered, and from Andy Shauf to Big
Thief through Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, or closer to us at
Fontanarosa, Lesneu or Jacques, the new records make us hope for a world
better. It's always taken.

The Simps (Eyedress & zzzahara), Tesla (Lex Records)
Warpaint, Champion (Virgin)
Cola, So Excited (Fire Talk)
Porridge Radio, Back To The Radio (Secretly Canadian)
Tomberlin, Happy Accident (Saddle Creek)
Andy Shauf, Satan (Anti Records)
Helena Deland , Swimmer (Chivi Chivi)
Big Thief, Red Moon (4AD)
Papercuts, The Strange Boys (Slumberland Records)
Tess Parks, Happy Birthday Forever (Fuzz Club Records)
Widowspeak, While You Wait (Captured Tracks)
Jo Schornikow, Visions (Keeled Scales)
Tame Impala, The Boat I Row (Universal)
Guerilla Toss, Famously Alive (Sub Pop)
Boy With Apple, Strawberry Boy (VÅRØ Records)
Folly Group, I Raise You (The Price of Your Head) (Ninja Tune)
Blood Knows, Full Moon (Too Good To Be True)
The Bug Club, Intellectuals (Money Version) (Bingo Records)
Kurt Vile, Like Exploding Stones (Verve Records)
MJ Lenderman, You Have Bought Yourself A Boat (Dear Life Records)
Fontanarosa, Oh Id (Howlin’ Banana)
Lesneu, Entre Toi et Moi (Music From The Masses)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Way It Shatters (Sub Pop)
Brace ! Brace !, Life In Plaster (Howlin’ Banana)
Metronomy, I Have Seen Enough (Because Music)
Japanese Breakfast, Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (Death Cab for Cutie)
Khruangbin feat. Leon Bridges, Chocolate Hills (Dead Oceans)
Silk Sonic, Love's Train (Atlantic)
Pachyman feat. Winter, All Night Long (ATO Records)
Jacques, Arrivera (Recherche et Développement)
Flóp, Jojo (Le Pli)
Real Lies, An Oral History Of My First Kiss (Unreal)
New German Cinema, I Become Heavy (autoproduit)
Zombie Zombie, Consortium (Born Bad Records)

Spotify Link:

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Alan Vega "Invasion/Murder One"

Friday 25 february, 3 PM (Paris time)

This release continues the collaboration of Mutator's mixing and producing team, Liz Lamere and Jared Artaud. Together Liz and Jared are the perfect combination to keepthe legacy of Alan’s work alive. Liz provides a bridge to the past, having performedthroughout the recording process of "Murder One" and "Invasion" and Jared opens abridge to the future having been chosen by Alan himself tocarry the torch and makesure the vision stays intact. Alan trusted no one more than Liz and Jared and gave hisblessing and encouragement to continue releasing material from the Vault. As Alanstated in the song "Vision" fromIT,"If you destroy the vision, you will suffer thewhirlwind."

During these mixing sessions, for Liz listening to the various tracks brought up vividrecollections of how the sounds (such as the haunting voices in Murder One) werecreated and the constant experimentation that led to Liz's sharp instincts which informedthe mixing process. Together with Jared’s technical and intuitive skills and deepunderstanding as a producer of the feeling these sounds were intended to evoke, thetwo were able to preserve the authenticity of the recordings while enhancing the qualityof sound so the listener can fully experience the nuances of these unique auditorycreations.

Invasion b/w Murder One will be released in 12” in partnership with iconic clothing brand and longtime supporter agnès b. and will be available digitally via Sacred Bones on February 25th.

Front De Cadeaux playlist

Friday February, 6PM

Discover the world of Front de Cadeaux with their special playlist for agnès b radio while waiting for the release on February 23 of Sad Is Fashion in partnership with agnès b.

Spotify :

Antinote Band Camp :

Front De Cadeaux - Sad Is Fashion world premiere on agnès b radio

Friday 11 february, 3 PM (Paris time)

Release Date: 23 February 2022

On their way from Roma to Brussels, Maurizio and Ugo AKA Front de Cadeaux (F2C) made a little stop in Paris to slow down the beat at Antinote.
We are thrilled to come back after a little break with the first EP from these two big boys on the label. For our first release of 2022 we offer the double smasher "Sad is Fashion" and "Trans Emois", two heavy and slow club weapons. These two rockets will please techno and trance heads as well as bass, dubstep lovers.

Discover Friday, February 28 the Front De Cadeaux playlist for agnès b radio and on Spotify

Playlist Section 26 for agnès b radio

Friday, February 04th - 3PM (Paris time)

New year, old living conditions? Not necessarily, if we escape with a bit of modern pop. Here, you will certainly find a good number of songs created in a phase of isolation, restrictions, but not a lack of inspiration. The alignment of the stars (Cat Power, Aldous Harding, Cate Le Bon) is most pleasing, when the shooting comets closer to us (Clara Le Meur, Ellah A Thaun), they seem to sparkle with quite a presence. A great projection for the future.

Kristine Leschper, Picture Window (ANTI-)
Jake Xerxes Fussell, Love Farewell (Paradise of Bachelors)
Josephine Foster, Nun Of The Above (Fire records)
Arab Strap, Aphelion (Rock Action)
Cat Power, I’ll Be Seeing You (Domino)
Squirrel Flower, Unravel (Full Time Hobby)
Pan American, Outskirts, Dreamlit (Kranky)
Lael Naele, Hotline (Sub Pop Records)
Aldous Harding, Lawn (4AD)
Cate Le Bon, Remembering me (Mexican Summer)
Destroyer, Tintoretto, It's for You (Bella Union)
Marbled Eye, Dirty Water (Hardly Art)
Fontaines DC, Jackie Down The Line (Partisan Records)
Ellah A Thaun, King Felix (autoprod.)
Silverbacks, Rolodex City (Full Time Hobby)
Zombie Zombie, Nusquam et Ubique (Born Bad Records)
Clara Le Meur, Arrêter ce carnage (Le Syndicat des Scorpions)
Lewsberg, Six Hills (Speedy Wunderground)
Yard Act, Rich (Island)
Ashinoa, Disguised In Orbit (Fuzz Club)
Modern Studies, Light a Fire (Fire records)
Malik Djoudi et Isabelle Adjani, Quelques mots (Wagram Music / Cinq 7)
Alexia Gredy, Un peu plus souvent (Polydor)
Ari Roar, Hive Mind (autoproduction)
Orlando Weeks, Hey You Hop Up (PIAS)
Teenage Bed x Trainfantome, Undoing (Pale Figure Records)
Studio Electrophonique, Happier Things (Violette Records)
Daniel Rossen, Shadow in the Frame (WARP)
Eric Chenaux , Say Laura (Constellation records)
Mama's gun, Party for One (Legere)
Shinichi Atobe, Love Of Plastic 1 (DDS)
Charles Virot, Eternelle journée (autoprod.)
Parker Sprout, Milk in the Sun (Moon Glyph)
Le Seul Element, La croix, le cimetière (Specific)
Poupard, HLM (Choléra Cosmique)

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Möbius - Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière

Friday, January 28th - 3PM (Paris time)

A brand new episode in their exploration of the legendary modular synthesizer - The Buchla ; for this third album " Möbius " by Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière. MÖBIUS is an aerial ballet created by Cie XY in collaboration with the choregrapher Rachid Ouramdane.

website :
photo credit @antoinelegond

dvr Dirty Tapes EP

Friday January 14, 3PM

DIY singer-songwriter and producer dvr releases ‘dirty tapes’, his debut EP on XL Recordings. Expressing raw vulnerability, dvr explores the ups and downs of teenage life through wry lyricism, unique production, and infectious guitar hooks; a charismatic style that shines from all corners of the EP.

‘dirty tapes’ presents a full-circle moment for the musician, who has gone from a bedroom producer from North Berwick in Scotland, to an artist collaborating with Kenny Beats in just over a year. Through previous self-released projects including tape_01, thru the city and u can call me dillon EP, dvr became an organic, word-of-mouth success story, racking up millions of streams and amassing a committed Discord community alongside a diverse, growing fanbase which includes Snoop Dogg, FINNEAS, Omar Apollo, and Joy Orbison.

Playlist Best Of 2021 Section 26 for agnès b. radio

Friday, January 07, 3PM

To close these festivities and the year now over, during the December Confectioner's Truce, we replaced our monthly playlist of new products with a best of the year. One last glance in the rearview mirror, let's move on without looking too far back and look ahead, as if for some time, day by day. We go for it and we'll see later. Happy new year from the entire Section26 team.

Vanishing Twin, Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou) (Fire Records)
Aquaserge, Un grand sommeil noir (Crammed Discs)
Lewsberg, Getting Closer (Lewsberg Records)
Bantam Lyons, Ar Stêr (Music From The Masses/Gezellig records)
Exek, (I'm After) Your Best Interest (Castle Face Records)
Oi Boys, Sur la place (Les Disques de la Face Cachée/Dans le vide/Maloka/Hidden Bay/Kanal Hysterik/Amour entre chien et loup)
Sinaïve, Trash Mental (Buddy Records, Langue Pendue)
Iosonouncane, Piel (Trovarobato)
Superstate (feat. Graham Coxon & Valentina Pappalardo), Yoga Town (Graham Coxon / Z2 Comics)
Saint Etienne, Pond House (Heavenly Recordings)
Vaillant, Prince de Perse (Herzfeld)
The Parrots, Maldito (Heavenly Recordings)
W. H. Lung, Showstopper (Mélodic)
Veik, Political Apathy (Fuzz Club)
Arab Strap, Here Comes Comus (Rock Action Records)
Trees Speak, Seventh Mirror (Soul Jazz)
A Certain Ratio, Night People (Mute)
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, White Elephant (Goliath Records)
Big Thief, Spud Infinity (4AD)
The Coral, Vacancy (Modern Sky UK)
Teenage Fanclub, Back in the Day (Merge Records/PeMa)
Silk Sonic, Blast Off (Aftermath/Atlantic)
Kit Sebastian, Agitate (Mr Bongo)
Sven Wunder, Impasto (Mr Bongo)
Dean Blunt, Nil By Mouth (Rough Trade)
Hand Habits, Motherless (Sub Pop Records)
Porridge Radio, Wet Road (Secretly Canadian)
Shannon Lay, Rare To Wake (Sub Pop Records)
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine, Reach Out (Asthmatic Kitty)
Dusted, They Don't Know You (autoproduction)
Chevalrex, La Tombe de Jim (Vietnam)
KCIDY, Avec le Vent (Vietnam)
Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine, Femme de l'année (At(home) / Sony Music Entertainment)
Axolotes Mexicanos, Cara de Idiota (Elefant Records)
Frankie Traandruppel, Tug-O-War (Ronny Rex)


Section 26:


Friday December 17, 3PM

mansfield.tya is already turning 20’ Rebeka Warrior & Carla Pallone celebrate two decades [2002-2022] featuring their favorites tracks from June, Seules au bout de 23 secondes, Nyx et Corpo Inferno + a exclusive one « De vita beata » A mindful pick Illustrating 20 years of love, tears and fun on a 44’ length.
The LP version is up for pre-order on @bandcamp & @lamaisonwarrior in your mailboxes in the spring of 2022.

16.12.21 - Allones @lexcelsiorallonnes
17.12.21 - Herouville St clair @bigbandcafe

Instagram :

Facebook :

Pre-order :

Web :

Playlist La FAB - Homey

Friday December 10th, 2021 - 3 PM (Paris time)

Homey born in 1998, is a Parisian artist trained at HEAR Strasbourg. His practices are varied, ranging from graffiti to painting, including graphics and illustration. Almost never using color, he prefers to let his contrasting shapes speak for themselves. The balance between black and white is important as is the notion of nostalgia. Indeed, many references come from his childhood, especially animation, underground comix, Pop culture or even 16th century engraving. From these various inspirations are born hybrid compositions mixing a repetition of abstract and digital motifs confronting figurative elements. The fingerprint as a starting point is one of the many repeating motifs that he explores and that he has declined for several years in Paris.

Section 26 playlist - December 2021

Friday December 3, 3PM

Final fireworks display for a decidedly complicated year. Aligned like a promising astral configuration, our heralds (Spiritualized, Dean Wareham, Jarvis), those in the process of becoming (Cate Le Bon, Exek) and those who rub shoulders with them with grandeur and style in this winter batch to be listened to by the fireside, the time that all this passes.

Spiritualized, Always Together With You (Bella Union)
Beach House, Once Twice Melody (Bella Union)
Dana Gavanski, Letting Go (Full Time Hobby)
Cola, Blank Curtain (Fire Talk)
Shame, This Side of the Sun (Dead Oceans)
Liiek, Object / Constructed (Adagio 830 / RDS.Rec.HH)
Sweeping Promises, Pain Without A Touch (Feel It / Sub Pop)
Exek, (I’m After) Your Best Interest (Castle Face)
Silicone Values, Streaming Tv - Nothing Wrong With Me
Free Live Sports, The Lizard (Rough Skies)
Leo Nocentelli, Till I Get There
David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra, Lockets, Drop-outs And Dragnets (Tapete Records)
The Hepburns feat Estella Rosa, Five Miles Of Line (Elefant Records)
Dean Wareham, As Much As It Was Worth (Double Feature Records)
Papercuts, A Dull Boy (Psychic Friends Records)
LeoBlomov, Moon-a-Lisa (Label Attitude)
Cate Le Bon, Moderation (Mexican Summer)
Tahiti 80, Hot (Human Sounds)
Martin Carr, Flames (Sonic Cathedral)
Rémi Parson, Etrangers (Isolaa)
Gwendoline, Voldebière
Yeule, Friendly Machine (Bayonet)
Teenage Bed, Busy Talking (feat. San Carol) (Figure Records)
Cassandra Jenkins, New Bikini (First Take) (Ba Da Bing Records)
Josephine Foster, Guardian Angel (Fire Records)
Still House Plants, More More Faster (AD93)
Ovlov, Eat More (Exploding In Sound Records)
François Joncour, Biology is Food & Sex (Music From The Masses)
Elg, Dans la chambre (la nuit) (Vlek)
You'll Never Get To Heaven, Dust (Mystic Roses)
Jérôme Minière, Le son du temps qui nous dépasse
Nicolas Paugam, Dersou Ouzala (Believe)
Shinichiro Yokota Retro Graffiti (Far East)
100 Gecs, Mememe (Dog Show)
Jarv Is, Children of the Echo (Tam Tam Hidrogenesse Remix) (Rough Trade Records)

JARV IS... Remix ED

For the first time in his career, Jarvis Cocker is releasing an album of remixes. With re-imaginations by Hot Chip, Dennis Bovell and Greg Wilson, among others, the album is a collaborative mix that offers a fresh take on the music of one of this generation's greatest songwriters, while allowing for remixers to express their unique personality in the creative cavern of JARV IS….

Leonie Pernet & Star Femine Band

Leonie Pernet > Friday November 19, 3PM
Star Femine Band > Saturday November 20, 3PM

Leonie Pernet "Le Cirque de Consolation" infiné music

The sought after whirlwind of French Pop that exploded onto the scene with her debut „Crave“, supported by agnès b. Leonie Pernet, returns with her second album, „Le Cirque de Consolation“, a sort of double negative of her first. While the yearning that sat at the center of „Crave“might not have been resolved, the young multi-instrumentalist and singer has found a new perspective - a more open and positive outlook on her own life and work. Perhaps telling, then, that the title was the first element of the album to exist: as it is and has always been a journey of personal (and collective) consolation first, a musical confrontation with the self. "This record parallels my life's journey," confirms Leonie, "it reflects what has happened in my life since 'Crave' came out and how I feel today. There's still a lot of melancholy, but a lot more sunshine and light. In four years, I've become sober, which has saved me; I've worked a lot on my voice, which is a part of a desire to speak, to address my audience more directly, and also a more pronounced pop desire.“ In line with her new-found „openness“, Leonie invites another musician into her creative process for the first time on „Le Cirque de Consolation“: Jean Sylvain le Gouic, who lended his coproduction and perspective to her, while Leonie still plays almost all instruments herself with an astounding prowess. Leonie’s voice oozes with a new-found self-confidence and takes center stage amidst eclectic, distinctively fun and open-minded production. Sometimes she sings in English, mostly in French: “I worked a lot on my voice," confirms Leonie, "I didn't dare to sing before, neither live, nor on record, nor in the studio.“ Surrounding her astounding, intoxicating voice are forays into any direction imaginable: from harsh, experimental electronics to the more

STAR FEMININE BAND "Femme Africaine" Born Bad Records

Through all of these songs, each of the Star Feminine Band members brings their own inspiration. André composes all their songs. He admits: “They bring their ideas. The dream of these girls is to become international stars. They must show the importance of women throughout the world. Speak of Africa, accomplish great missions around the values of women. They talk about female genital mutilation, abuse and violence against girls. We want to include these subjects in the political debate in Benin, then elsewhere in Africa if this is ever possible ”. With much confidence, an undeniable ecumenism and charisma, Star Feminine Band is one of the prides of the Atakora region. The band is even starting to instigate vocations, while sowing the seeds for the next generation of provincial girls, driven by an iron will, forged of the same mineral as the weapons of Kaba, forgotten hero of the Atakora. True heroines of everyday life, the seven girls of the Star Feminine Band embody the future and the next generation in search of recognition. “In the 1960s, God was a black girl who sang” used to say New York composer duo Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Sixty years later, in one of the forgotten provinces of the African continent, this adage takes on its full value.

Tour Date:
18.11.21 MASSY (91) Paul B
19.11.21 LYON (69) Opéra de Lyon
20.11.21 GENEVE (Ch) L’Usine dans le cadre du festival Les Créatives
30.11.21 BOBIGNY (93) Canal 93
3.12.21 RENNES (35) Transmusicales - Hall 8
4.12.21 RENNES (35) Transmusicales (concert des familles UBU)

Section 26 playlist

Friday October 29, 3PM

The leaves are falling and business is picking up. In a queue, our dear independents give us their news and guess what, they are excellent. Grouper, Cate Le Bon, Laetitia Sadier, The Weeding Present for the more experienced, and a host of equally endearing newcomers. You too, choose your new favorite.

Dummy, Daffodils (Trouble In Mind Records)
Rats On Rafts, Osaka (Fire Records)
Low Life, Hammer and The Fist (Alter/Goner Records/Lulu's Disco Club)
Sasami, The Greatest (Domino Records)
Penelope Isles, Terrified (Bella Union)
Tonstartssbandht, Smilehenge (Mexican Summer)
Mapache, All About Our Love (Innovative Leisure/Calico Discos)
Brigid Mae Power, Mother In The Sky (Fire Records)
Grouper, Kelso (Blue Sky / Kranky)
The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb, Gentle On My Mind (Dangerbird Records)
Lil Ugly Mane, Cold In Here (autoproduction)
Teether & Kuya Neil, Lung (Chapter music)
Ouri, Ossature (Lighter Than Air)
Light Conductor, Splitting Light (Constellation Records)
The George Kaplan Conspiracy, Waiting on You (IN/EX, le label de Grand Bonheur)
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers, Metal Heart (Columbia)
Mendelson, Héritage (Ici d'ailleurs)
Baxter Dury, D.O.A. (Heavenly Recordings/PIAS)
Pi Ja Ma, Should I Call U Baby (Bleepmachine)
Cate Le Bon, Running Away (Mexican Summer)
Buffet Lunch, Mild Weather (Upset The Rhythm)
Laetitia Sadier, New Moon (Duophonic Super 45s)
Boy Scouts, A Lot To Ask (ANTI- records)
Lionlimb, Ultraviolet (Bayonet Records)
Dear March, Artetan (autoproduction)
The Bug Club, My Baby Loves Rock & Roll Music (Bingo Records)
The Wedding Present, We Should Be Together (Scopitones)
Vincent Bricks, Yawnsville (Alter K)
Peremotka, Kak Tebia Pokorit (Too Good To Be True)
La Houle, La Mort Des Amants (October Tone/Music From The Masses)
Sprints, Modern Job (Nice Swan Records/PIAS)
Cochonne, KGB (Sorry State Records)
Laughing Gear, New Estate (Heavy Machinery Records)
Bosco Rogers Beat Machine, Rambo (Bleepmachine)
Anna ft. Gabriel Afathi, Païkan (Bruit Marron)

Les Femmes s'en Mêlent broadcast

Friday October 15, 3PM

In an unprecedented situation, an unprecedented device for the great comeback Les Femmes s’en Mêlent. The festival historically scheduled for spring (last edition in April 2019) takes place this time in winter, from November 15 to 27, with an abundant selection of generous, intergenerational, diverse, and eclectic artists and musicians.


Section 26 playlist

Friday October 8, 3PM

This playlist of early fall novelties, we slip into a groovy cocoon, with benevolent heat and calmed rhythms, but to better return to electricity and tension. Richness of contrasts and beauty of discoveries, that's all section26.

Kit Sebastian, Elegy for Love (Mr Bongo)
Mild High Club, It’s Over Again (Stones Throw)
Pearl & The Oysters, Flowerland (Feeltrip / Tip Top)
Maston, L’Eclair, Do You Feel it Working? (Calico Discos)
TONSTARTSSBANDHT, What Has Happened? (Mexican Summer)
Homeshake, I Know I Know I Know (Sinderlyn)
Andy Shauf, Call (ANTI- Records)
Hand Habits, Graves (Saddle Creek)
Big Thief, Certainty (4AD)
Aimee Mann, Burn It Out (SuperEgo Records)
Triptides, So Many Days (Curation Records)
The Hepburns, The Other Side Of Grey (Elefant Records)
Jarvis Cocker, Aline (Abkco)
Flop, Les Beatles (Le Pli)
Boost 3000, Cinéma (Pop Supérette)
Pasta Grows On Trees, L’impression d'y passer (Another Record / Entre-soi)
Bryan's Magic Tears, Excuses (Born Bad Records)
Magdalena Bay, You Lose! (Luminelle)
Snail Mail, Valentine (Matador Records)
Poppy, Her (Sumerian)
Amyl and The Sniffers, Hertz (ATO Records / Fontana North)
Oi Boys, Sur la place (Hidden Bay)
Richard Dawson & Circle, Lily (Domino)
Deerhoof, Scarcity Is Manufactured (Joyful Noise)
Xixa feat.Imarhan, Eve of Agnes (Jullian Records / The Orchard)
Nala Sinephro, Space 1 (Warp Records)
Park Hye Jin, Let’s Sing Let's Dance (Ninja Tune)
Uffie, Cool (Company Records)
Hatchie, This Enchanted (Secretly Canadian & Ivy League Records)
Meyverlin, Archangel (Too Good To Be True)
Film School, Said Your Name (Sonic Ritual)
Bantam Lyons, Philatélie Frontale (Music From The Masses/Gezellig Records)
Don Nino, A Beautiful Cloud (Prohibited Records)
Injury Reserve, Knees (Autoproduit)
Metronomy x Brian Nasty x Folly Group, Monday (Because)

Playlist La Fab - Le Module de Zeer

Friday September 24, 3PM

For the opening of the Graffiti exhibition and the Galerie du Jour agnès b. 1985 - 2021 discover the FAB playlist for agnès b radio Le Module de Zeer.

From September 24 to December 18, La Fab. will be dedicated to Graffiti and the historical relationship that agnès b. and the Galerie du Jour with this movement since 1985 !! Le Graff will invest all interior and exterior spaces, private and urban, of La Fab. The Agnès b. Collection, the Galerie du Jour and the Place Jean-Michel Basquiat will present a fascinating retrospective full of history and discoveries.

Yula Kasp & MI.RO

Wednesday September 22, 3PM

Discover Mayumi the new EP from Yula Kasp & MI.RO. The official release will take place on Friday, September 24.

Yula Kasp & MI.RO - Margalida
Yula Kasp & MI.RO - Relfections
Yula Kasp & MI.RO - United
Yula Kasp & Mi.RO - Margalida (Curses remix)
Yula Kasp & Mi.Ro - Reflections (Mogambo in Space dub)
Yula Kasp & MI.RO - United (DALO Remix)

Playlist des amis - Reda Kateb

Friday September 16, 3 PM

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b radio. Discover the Reda Kateb playlist on Friday September 17th from 3 p.m. and also available on the agnès b. spotify

La Fab. Kraken playlist

Friday September 10, 3PM

Kraken will be present in the new exhibition of La FAB. Today he gives us a playlist for agnès b. radio. also available on Spotify.

Graffiti and the Galerie du Jour agnès b. 1985 - 2021 
Starting September 24, 2021 and throughout the fall, La Fab. will be dedicated to Graffiti and the historical relationship of agnès b. with this movement since 1985.
The Graff will take over all the interior and exterior spaces, private and urban, of La Fab. The agnès b. Collection, the Galerie du Jour, the place Jean-Michel Basquiat will present a fascinating retrospective steeped in history and discoveries.

Section 26 playlist

Friday September 3, 3PM

An emotional rollercoaster between the residue of sand in the hem of the jeans and the first dead leaves, Section26 pecks at the most beautiful things that have arrived on earth for the start of the school year. Life doesn't end at the end of summer.

Eyedress, Chad an Gordy (prod. King Krule) (Lex Records)
SUUNS, Clarity (Joyful Noise Recordings / Secret City Records)
Hand Habits, Aquamarine (Saddle Creek)
Angel Olsen, Safety Dance (Jagjaguwar)
Dinner, Midnight In My Head (Captured Tracks)
Black Marble, Ceiling (Sacred Bones)
Telly*, Feuilles Mortes (1988)
Good Morning , Country (Polyvinyl)
Superstate, Yoga Town feat. Graham Coxon and Valentina Pappalardo (Z2 Comics)
Trick Gum, Bringing in the Dogs (Planet Paulie)
Self Esteem, How Can I Help You? (Fiction Records)
Magdalena Bay, Secrets (Your Fire) (Luminelle)
Sleigh Bells, Justine Go Genesis (Mom + Pop)
Nite Jewel, To Feel It (Whichever Way Music)
Jason Sharp, Everything Is Waiting For You (Constellation)
From Nursery to Misery, Cry Me (Dark Entries Records)
Campbell / Mallinder / Benge, Camouflage (Les Disques du Crepuscule)
Clear History, Solar Death Ray (Upset The Rhythm)
Bas Jan, You Have Bewitched Me (Lost Map Records)
Alvilda, Négatif (Alien Snatch)
Yves Bernard,15 août (Autoproduit)
Dumb, Dumb Show (Just Step Sideways)
Smirk, Minuscule Amounts (Total Punk Records)
Island Of Love, Songs Of Love (Smoking Room)
Ducks Ltd., How Lonely are You? (Carpark Records)
Lily Konigsberg, That’s The Way I Like It (Wharf Cat Records)
Justus Proffit, Burning the Ground (Bar None Records)
Hovvdy, Around Again (Grand Jury Music)
Big Thief, Sparrow (4AD)
Flowertown, The Way Back (Paisley Shirt Records)
Devin Hoff (with Julia Holter), Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Kill Rock Stars)
Aimee Mann, Suicide is Murder (SuperEgo Records)
Sylvie, Falls On Me (Sylvie/Terrible Records)
The Reed Conservation Society, Holy Mood feat. Lonny (Microcultures / Believe)

Other You, Steve Gunn (Matador Records)

Friday August 27, 3PM

“I came up with this title when we were recording vocals and Rob was very into harmonies. There was a third part and I just couldn’t find the note. I couldn’t vocalize it. He went in and took my voice and put it into his computer program, then he could playback and “sing” the note with my voice using the computer. And he said, ‘Sing to the other you.’ So I was singing along to myself singing a note I couldn’t sing" – Steve Gunn

Other You is the sixth studio album by American singer Steve Gunn that will be released August 27th on Matador. Recorded during two visits to Los Angeles in late 2020 and early 2021, the album was made with veteran producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Cass McCombs, Kurt Vile) at his Mant Studios alongside musician and longtime friend and collaborator Justin Tripp, whose credits include appearances on Gunn’s Time Off and Way Out Weather.

Playlist des amis pour agnès b. invite Theo Christine

August 20

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b radio.

La Route du Rock Playlist

18-22 AUGUST 2021

For this special edition, La Route du Rock is reinventing itself, imagining a new route and investing in new exceptional places on the Emerald Coast: the Briantais park and the castle courtyard in Saint-Malo, the green theater in Cancale. , Vallion beach in Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets and Mont-Dol. Always faithful to its artistic line, the festival offers this summer an entirely French program that bears witness to the vitality of our independent scene, from abrasive post-punk to intimate folk, from sunny pop to a dreamy atmosphere.

On the program: the pop-modern heroes of La Femme, the scintillating pop of François & The Atllas Mountains, the meeting at the height of sixties pop between Maxwell Farrington & Le Superhomard, the tribute to Leonard Cohen of H-Burns with The Stranger Quartet, the timeless folk of Raoul Vignal, the punk iconoclast Nathan Roche from Villejuif Underground, Chevalrex and his intimate pop, the haunted folk of the magician Lisa Li-Lund, the soaring odyssey of Grand Veymont, the breakaway pop of Arthur Satàn, the epic rock of Lesneu, Veik and his hypnotic krautrock, the lo-fi power-pop of Special Friend, the incandescent post-punk of Heimat, the aquatic ambience of Roméo Poirier, the timeless indie rock by Hoorsees, the tangy pop of KCIDY, the luminous surf of Beach Youth, the delirious synth-pop of Murman Tsuladze, the bewitching multi-instrumentalist Blumi.

Playlist de l'Été 2021

August 6

Section 26 playlist

Friday July 30, 3PM

Just because we are immersed in a roller coaster summer between sun and rain, it doesn't mean that we haven't gone from the depths of the underground to the top of the charts for the essence of what makes a perfect pop song. in our opinion, with all its stylistic detours. Here is the summer harvest, bushy, abundant and uplifting

Ducks Ltd, 18 Cigarettes (Carpark Records / Royal Mountain Records)
Cindy, To Be True (Tough Love Records)
The Black Angels, Don’t Fall Down (Light In The Attic Records)
Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances, Watching the Willows Burn (Mexican Summer)
Sylvie (Ben Schwab, Sam Burton), Sylvie (via Flexible Distribution)
Shannon Lay, Awaken and Allow/Geist (Sub Pop)
Sufjan Stevens, Angelo de Augustine, Reach Out (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
Hovvdy, True Love (Grand Jury Music)
Little Simz, I Love You, I Hate You (Age 101/AWAL)
122 North, Drive (Too Good To Be True)
Saint Etienne, Pond House (Heavenly / PIAS)
Pearl & The Oysters, Soft Science (feat. Kuo) (Feeltrip Records)
Soccer Mommy, Rom Com 2004 (Loma Vista Recordings)
Low, Disappearing (Sub Pop)
Vaillant, Prince de Perse (Herzfeld)
Amen Dunes (with Sleaford Mods), Feel Nothing (Sub Pop)
Smoke Bellow, Fee Fee (Trouble In Mind)
La Luz, Watching Cartoons (Hardly Art)
Frankie Traandruppel, Charade (Ronny Rex)
Mozart Estate, Record Store Day (Cherry Red Records)
Beige Banquet, Awake (Just Step Sideways / Mangel Records)
Launderette, Limelight (Autoproduction)
W. H. Lung, Showstopper (Melodic Records)
Afflecks Palace, Carpe Diem (Spike Island Records)
Bantam Lyons, Pintor (Music From The Masses (FR) /Gezzelig Records (USA)
Bryan's Magic Tears, Sad Toys (Born Bad Records)
Snapped Ankles, Forest of Your Problems (The Leaf Label)
Caleb Landry Jones, Bogie (Sacred Bones Records)
Nolan Potter, Gregorian Chance (Castle Face Records)
Marta Del Grandi, Taller Than This Shadow (Fire Records)
Gabriel Afathi, However that may be (IN/EX - Grand Bonheur)
Le Bâtiment, Beauté m'est interdite (Autoproduction)
Lonely Kid Quentin, Je n'ai plus vingt ans (Potagers natures / Fourgère Musique)
Mac McCaughan, Dawn Bends (Merge Records)
The Bevis Frond, Little Eden (Fire Records)

Evasion, Dominique André

Friday July 23, 3PM

A whole world of escape

The Amateur (someone who engages in painting, music, sport, science, without the spirit of mastery or competition), the Amateur renews his pleasure (amator: one who loves and loves again); he is anything but a hero (of creation, or performance); he establishes himself graciously (for nothing) in the signifier: in the immediately definitive substance of music, of painting, he is – he will be perhaps – the counter-bourgeois artist.
In Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes (1975)

And this is what sometimes went on in the mid-seventies of the last century. Dominique André is in his studio-apartment, a converted maid’s room on Avenue Junot in Paris. In front of his Revox tape recorder, which can record two tracks separately, is a motley collection of instruments: a children’s organ, a cooking pot, a guitar, a frying pan and various other everyday objects to be rubbed, banged together and gently beaten. On either side of the recorder, an upright piano, a stack of film sound effects records and a vinyl turntable sit waiting. Dominique André turns one of the potentiometers of his Revox machine to the left, and the tape slows down, the continuum loses its flow, and we go back in time.

Bleu Melody

Friday July 16, 3PM

As part of our partnership with Route Du Rock, La Ville de Saint Malo and RVD Books, we will broadcast on agnès b. radio from 3pm Friday July 16 History of Melody Nelson (original mix) and The Melody Nelson Sessions with all the alternative takes.

Tony Frank "Blue Melody"
Exhibition from July 24 to August 22, 2021 in Saint-Malo - La tour Bidouane

This summer, the festival presents an exhibition of Tony Frank's photographs taken for the legendary cover of “Melody Nelson” by Serge Gainsbourg.
It is essentially based on the book "Bleu Melody" published by RVB which collects all the photographic documents produced in 1971 for the cover and the interior of the album.
The reproduction of the contact sheets, the ektas sleeves and the readings take a behind-the-scenes look at a photo that has toured the world and sheds light on the historical dimension of this shot.
"The photo of Melody Nelson's cover is undoubtedly the one that I hear the most about, even today. At the time, I knew it was an important record for Serge. But I didn't think it was going to be so huge, that it was going to cross time and go around the world ... " Tony Frank.

Free entry / Every day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Exhibition presented by La Route of Rock with the support of Ville de Saint-Malo, RVB Books et agnès b.

Mirror II, The Goon Sax

Friday July 9, 3PM

The Goon Sax have announced new album Mirror II, to be released July 9th on Matador Records. The band’s third album and first for Matador, Mirror lI is a new beginning: a multi-dimensional eclectic journey of musical craftsmanship that moves from disco to folk to no wave skronk with staggering cohesion. The first-person narratives of their school days have graduated into an immersive and fluid world, one where “the narrator changes, the view-point isn’t definitive”. Songs have been made expansive, more universal, more weird— as introduced by the supernatural avant-pop of first single ‘In The Stone’.

UK Tour Dates:
01/09/21 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
02-05/09/21 - End of the Road Festival
06/09/21 - MOTH Club, London
07/09/21 - Pink Room, YES, Manchester
08/09/21 - Mono, Glasgow


Section 26 playlist

Friday July 2, 3PM

Sumptuous new patch in early summer in this playlist of July between prettiness pop (Late Runner, Aldous Harding Mega Bog, Aquaserge, The Umbrellas), groovy purity (Mackenzie Leighton Brainstory), indie acceleration (Wet Leg) or post punk (Pigeon) and a very noisy end with the new Low. We spoil you.

Francis Lung, Lonesome No more (Memphis Industries)
Late Runner, A Handfull of Dust (Crunchy Frog Recordings)
Aldous Harding, Old Peel (4AD)
Mega Bog, Weight of the Earth, on Paper (Paradise of Bachelors)
Aquaserge, Un grand sommeil noir (Made To Measure/Crammed Discs)
Akiko Yano, Stars Afar, Light Journey (Victor Entertainment)
Mackenzie Leighton, Florist by Day (Maison Wisteria / Groover Obsessions)
Brainstory, Long Day (Big Crown Records)
Gilb'R feat. Cosmic Neman, Я не хочу знать (Versatile Records)
Dean Blunt, Sketamine (Rough Trade)
Exek, Too Steep A Hill To Climb (Lulu’s Disco Club)
The Catenary Wires, Liminal (Skep Wax Records)
Anytime Cowboy, Bug Bite (Third Coming Records)
Tracy Bryant, Jeremy Katz, Candy Sky (First & Foremost Records)
Alessio Peck, Amore Bipolare (Kwaidan Records)
The Telephone Numbers, Open The Door (Paisley Shirt Records/Meritorio Records)
The Umbrellas, She Buys Herself Flowers (Slumberland Records)
Wet Leg, Chaise Longue (Domino)
Pigeon Adagio, Bad Visions (830/Bis Auf Der Messer)
Pearie Sol, Real Happiness (HHBTM Records)
Indus, La vie au supermarché (Entre-Soi)
Marie Mathématique, Holopherne (Sdz Records)
Lesneu, Est-ce de ma faute (Music From The Masses)
Maria Violenza , Messine (Kakakids Records)
Nightshift, Outta Space (Trouble In Mind)
Don Nino, A Beautiful Cloud (Prohibited Records)
Six Organs of Admittance, All That They Left You (Three Lobed Recordings)
Damon Albarn , The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows (Transgressive)
Steve Gunn, Other You (Matador Records)
La Luz, In the Country (Hardly Art)
Afflecks Palace, This City Is Burning Alive (Spirit of Spike Island)
Noel Gallagher, Flying On The Ground (Sour Mash Records Ltd)
Low Days Like These (Sub Pop Records)
Alessandro Cortini, Corri (Mute)

Afrique Victime, Mdou Moctar

Friday June 26, 3PM

Initially broadcast in April, Mdou Moctar and his group are making their concert filmed in public in Niamey available in clear on youtube. Enough to dive back into the world of Africa Victim, their latest album released last month at Matador.
The album Africa Victim will be broadcast in full at 3PM on agnès b. radio.

Niamey Live:

Tan Doan playlist

Friday June 18th, 3PM

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b. radio. Discover the Tan Doan playlist!

La Piscine + Un Homme est Mort, Michel Legrand

Friday June 11, 3PM

Wewantsounds is delighted to reissue one of Michel Legrand's best soundtracks composed for the French thriller "La Piscine" (The Swiming Pool), released in 1969 and featuring Alain Delon and Romy Schneider. Legrand penned the score straight after "The Thomas Crown Affair" OST and it features the same ultra cool mix of memorable themes, slick jazzy instrumentals and funky pop songs.

The full soundtrack was only released in Japan and France and is now very rare. Three bonus tracks that have never been released on vinyl have been added, all newly remastered and housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve designed by Eric Adrian Lee with new liner notes by Jeremy Allen. As a RSD Bonus we’ve also included Legrand’s ultra rare funky 7”OST of “Un Homme Est Mort" from 1972 in its original artwork.

Philippe Jaroussky playlist

Friday May 28, 3PM 

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b radio. Discover Philippe Jaroussky's playlist Friday May 28 from 3 p.m. and also available on the spotify agnès b.

Concerts :
28 mai : Toulouse Halles aux Grains - Récital Vivaldi Haendel Philippe Jaroussky
9 juin : Paris - La Seine Musicale - Académie Jaroussky « Beethoven & Co »
19 juin : Philharmonie de Berlin - Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
25 juin : Paris - Théâtre des Champs Élysées – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
27 Juin : Barcelone Palau de la Musica – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
29 juin : Murcia - Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
1 juillet : Genève Victoria Hall – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
3 juillet : Essen Philharmonie – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
5 juillet : Versailles Opéra Royal – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor
7 juillet : Hamburg Elbphilharmonie – Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor

Intermezzo Uno & Intermezzo Duo

Friday May 14, 3PM

Intermezzo... A movement coming between the major sections of an extended musical work. Dischi Autunno... A label conjuring black magic between every section in electronic music...

Mapping psychedelic flight patterns between worlds unknown, Noura Labbani and Jennifer Cardini’s electronique noir imprint Dischi Autunno sits right in the centre of dance music’s primordial universe. Italo, acid, electro, disco, emo, alternative, indie, lo-fi, trance, bass, new beat, big beat, synthwave and coldwave; a huge unclassifiable cauldron of moody electronic vapours fuming away at a sultry slow and low tempo.

Swooping low in the shadows since their last outing in November (Pablo Bozzi’s ‘Last Moscow Mule’) the label slides into our DMs (Doc Martens) fashionably late for 2021 with their most explorative and daring dispatch to date: ‘Intermezzo 1 & 2’. Two vital VA collections, 22 tracks in total, the label’s sprawling leftfield network is articulately mapped out in more cosmic detail than ever before.

Some of the destinations may already be familiar as both ‘Intermezzo’ missions occasionally reference previous trips. Label ally and confidant Curses is present and correct (and also responsible for the artwork, along with his wife) as are Younger Than Me, Golden Filter, Chinaski, Kendal, Javi Redondo and Dollkraut. But many more acts featured on here are new to the burgeoning stable; new talent who’ve been grafting at the future coalface under the radar. Zillas On Acid, Mogambo, KOB101, Jacques Satre, A Strange Wedding, Het Morson, Arabian Panther, all of them sharing a spirit for raw, smouldering sonics that sit amid the fringes and between the boundaries. Dark, sexy, heavy sounds that transcend far beyond the dancefloor yet forever have a footing on it, Dischi Autunno’s extended musical work continues to conjure black magic at a time when we need it the most.

Heimat, Zwei

Friday May 7, 3PM

What is time in the face of a great album? Those albums that do not age, which never cease to surprise with their innovative freshness, listening after listening, ignoring the years passing by. Heimat's debut album is one of those, which you keep on the shelf or the turntable, like a reassuring fetish object. It is quite legitimate that these two, Armelle and Olivier, proud genius osprings of Cheveu and the mythical The Dreams, have groped their way forward, without any sense of urgency but relying on their solid live experience, indulging in meticulous experimental research in order to sculpt the worthy successor of their « Heimat »-manifesto. If "Zwei" is inspired by marginal lands that were untouched before them, the production and extensive mastering allow the duo's experiments to cross new borders. Armelle's voice moves away from Germanic influences, digging deeper and further south.

These forays make their incongruous music furthermore uncategorizable : more direct and sharp, it nevertheless loses its audience in a limbo of burnt pop, broken but reassuring at the same time.

« Zwei », Heimat’s second album will be released on May 7th through Teenage Menopause Records & Cry Baby. Already available for shipping.

Mutator, Alan Vega

Friday April 23, 3PM

Alan Vega’s name is synonymous with unfettered, tireless creativity. Beginning in the late 1950s, when he was a fine art student at Brooklyn College, through his years playing in Suicide, and all the way up until his death in 2016, Vega was constantly creating. That process naturally led to a wealth of material that didn’t see the light of day immediately when it was recorded, which came to be known as the Vega Vault. Mutator is the first in a series of archival releases from the Vault that will come out on Sacred Bones Records.

Mutator was recorded alongside Vega’s longtime collaborator Liz Lamere at his NYC studio from 1995-1996, and it serves as a document of a particularly fertile time in his creative life. He had 11 full-length solo albums come out during the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s - plus numerous collaborations, and Suicide records A Way of Life and Why Be Blue. Mutator wasn’t shelved intentionally, but Vega’s back-to-the- grindstone M.O. meant that he had moved on to making his next record before this one was finished. Lamere and Vega’s friend and confidante Jared Artaud (The Vacant Lots) rediscovered the raw, unmixed recordings from the Mutator sessions in the Vault in 2019. Soon after, they mixed and produced them into the visionary album that was lurking within those tapes.

At the time of the Mutator sessions, Vega was massively inspired by what was happening in the streets of New York - not only the hip hop scenes that were ex- ploding throughout the outer boroughs, but also the literal sounds of the streets, the traffic noise and industrial ambience of city living. That influence trickled into the sounds he and Lamere captured in those sessions. That sensibility, paired with Vega’s unmistakable voice and force of personality, is what made it the great album it is now. The final piece was the production job, completed by Lamere and Artaud 25 years after the songs were first captured.

Glass of Blood, Lisa Li-Lund

Wednesday April 21, 3PM

Discover exclusively from 3pm Lisa Li-Lund's first solo album Glass of Blood which will be released on Friday April 23 on the Pan European recordings label

Glass Of Blood, Lisa Li-Lund

Friday April 16, 3PM

Discover the first 4 singles from the album "Glass of Blood" to be released on April 23, 2021. For the occasion Lisa Li-Lund has also produced a spotify playlist (link available here below) and two jingles which will be broadcast on the radio. The entire album will be listened to on Wednesday, April 21 on all agnès b. radio stations.

Lisa li-lund has had several lives. The Franco-Swedish musician first made her foray (with guitar, piano, vocals) in the anti-folk galaxy. Prolific, she released 10 albums and a slew of EPs whilst touring everywhere from Brazil to the United States & right across Europe. Her curiosity has led to collaborations with artists as diverse as Jeffrey Lewis, Kimya Dawson, The Cairo Gang, The Mountain Goats, Dj Gero, The Wave Pictures and Quixote. This fan of the Stones, Springsteen, Suicide and Dolly Parton has never been locked down to one area of the world. Her forays include lofi Californian pop with her duo Bay Bear and the crazy multi-cultural splurge of the French Cowboys. Another frequented planet ? That of The Big Crunch Theory, an intergalactic electro escape imagined with Gilbr' from the highly influential Versatile label. How to create a bridge between Sun Ra and her folk roots…

These different trips all contributed in their own way to nourishing Lisa's new solo project. It is no coincidence that the songwriter signs her album under her real name. She put "all the colors from the heart - the ghosts, the darkness, the blood, the bones, the mirages, the night and the moon," she says, "are not dark places to me. It's there where I feel safe, and especially myself. "

Recorded between Sweden and France, Glass Of Blood is the story of a quest. After a long period of silence and a project abandoned with DJ Chloé, Lisa came across Arthur Peschaud from the Pan European label who helped her to pursue her ideas and to get back in the saddle. Composed in a moment of graceful chaos with her guitar, synth, childhood piano & drum box, she's set no limits on her latest opus with full band. Mixing dreamlike pop and cosmic electro, her melodies leave all the room for strangeness and experiments.

Her songs, both brutal and tender, tell us about things in life - renewal, space-time travel and above all love (not shared). It all starts with "Janet", a melancholy stroll streamlined that sings of resilience. "Planet", a heady synthetic ritornello, poetizes the shock of collusion against a background of violins and "Muscle Memory of Missing You" sounds a tribute to the 80's pop recounting the absence of the loved one.

The title of the piece "Yes, I could use a glass of blood" sums up the raw and visceral energy that Lisa wanted to infuse into these eleven songs. "This phrase haunts me & accompanies me everywhere. It's been more than 10 years that it keeps running through my heart. As soon as I feel weak, sad, or in danger, I hear it, I recite it, I write it, I sing it, I draw it. For me this glass of blood is the symbol of a vital energy source. "

To bring this cathartic record to life, Lisa worked in pairs for production, mixing and arrangements with her double, Guillaume Léglise (Fictions, Vox Low). He was the only boy in her girlband from The Big Crunch Theory. We also find on Glass Of Blood other valiant "knights" as Lisa calls them. Turzi, Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman from Zombie Zombie, Maxime Delpierre (VKNG, Limousine), Ben McConnell (drummer for JB Dunckel, Au Revoir Simone, Beach House), Clémence Lasme (Moodoïd), Gaspar Claus, Rémi Foucard, Maxime Sokolinski (Hologram with Clara Luciani) have all joined this bloody adventure.

César & Rosalie

Friday April 9, 3PM

After « Les choses de la vie », Transversales proudly presents the first ever LP reissue of this classic Philippe Sarde soundtrack.
« As it happens, Philippe is less interested in his natural function which is to write music sheets... than in the film itself. And I, somehow, am as much, and perhaps more interested in the music than in the film itself. There lies the deep reason for our paradoxical relationship.” These are the words French film director Claude Sautet used to define his collaboration with the French prodigious composer.
The « Cesar et Rosalie » score is like a magical bridge linking baroque and electronic music, mixing Moog synthesizer sequences with acoustic instruments.
Compared to the original CAM LP, this reissue contains 6 unreleased tracks that were removed from the original tracklisting. Among them a Mariage 72 in Bacharach style and a beautiful piano version of the theme performed by Philippe Sarde himself. It obviously contains Romy Schneider’s famous voice-over in the unforgettable track La lettre de Rosalie.

Oxmo Puccino playlist

Wednesday April 7, 3PM

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b. radio. Discover the Oxmo Puccino playlist on Monday April 7 from 3 p.m. and also available on the agnès b. spotify

Mustafa The Poet - Stay alive
Dinos - Cesaire
French The Kid - Broke Toys
Ballaké Sissokho - Frotter les mains
Seu Jorge - Zé do carço
Benjamin Epps - Samba les couilles
Saskia - La Mer
Ben Mazué & Pomme - J'attends
Jade - Diddy
Notorious BIG - Who shot ya
Bob James - Nautilus
Ali & Toumani - Samba Geladio
Kendrick Lamar - Element
James Blake - Always

Section 26 news playlist

Friday April 2, 3PM

First selection of spring with a good thirty titles, whose eclecticism will not surprise regulars. Always on the hunt for obscure newcomers like Spiritual Mafia, Freshberry, Dumb Train or Seppuku, we also went to explore the freshness of more recognized artists like Lana Del Rey, but also JaneWeaver, A Certain Ratio, Gruff Rhys and Aldous Harding who are part of of those who hardly ever disappoint us. Without forgetting the shock Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & TheLondon Symphony Orchestra. A modern pop puzzle, flowery and cheerful, in short ...

01. Jim McCulloch, When I Mean What I Say (Violette Records)
02. Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard, We, Us the Pharaohs (Talitres)
03. Aldous Harding, Revival - cover Deerhoof (4AD)
04. Marinero, Nuestra Victoria (Hardly Art)
05. Sven Wunder, En Plein Air (Piano Piano)
06. Matt Low, Vert Pomme (Microcultures)
07. Lisa Li-Lund, Two Wheels (Pan European Recordings)
08. Marie Delta, Fleurir (La Souterraine)
09. Special Friend, Ennemi Commun (Howlin’ Banana / Hidden Bay Records)
10. Freshberry, 27 Club (autoproduction)
11. Dumb Train, Magmag (Too Good To Be True)
12. Seppuku, The Office (Si Moiré Disques)
13. The Reds, Pinks & Purples, The Biggest Fan (Slumberland / Tough Love)
14. Jane Weaver, Heartlow (Fire Records)
15. A Certain Ratio, Wonderland (Mute Records)
16. Silk Sonic, Leave the Door Open (Atlantic)
17. Lana del Rey, White Dress (Interscope)
18. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra, Movement 7
19. Field Music, Not When You're in Love (Memphis Industries)
20. Sourdure, Nostra Foeira (Murailles Music)
21. Gruff Rhys, Loan Your Loneliness (Rough Trade)
22. Bosco Rogers, Polar Moves (Bleepmachine)
23. The Peacers, Ms. Ela Stanyon's School of Acting (Drag City)
24. Todd Briefly, The Extensive Waterways of the United Kingdom (Just Step Sideways)
25. Holiday Ghosts, Off Grid (Fatcat Records)
26. Unschooling, Social Chameleon (Howlin’ Banana)
27. Squid, Paddling (Warp)
28. TDA, Présence (Michel Records)
29. Kükens, Conseils (autoproduction)
30. Surprise Barbue, Kabukichō (Zamzamrec)
31. Spiritual Mafia, Lunch (Anti Fade / Ever/Never)
32. The Drin, (I'm) on 75 (Future Shock)
33. Il est Vilaine, Les Mystères de Lorient feat. Narumi Hérisson (Dialect Recordings)
34. Driftmachine, Memories of the Lakeside (Umor Rex)

Rone & Friends

Friday March 26, 3PM

Rone's Rone & Friends album will be available to listen at 3pm on the day it is released worldwide. On the occasion of the release of this album Rone to make a playlist for agnès b. radio, will be present on the Spotify account agnès b.

Mark Cohen, La Fab. playlist

Friday March 19, 3PM

This week for "Friday radio" we are highlighting the artist Mark Cohen for the fist La Fab. playlist for agnès b. radio.

Tracklist :
1. ERROL GARNER - Lullaby of Birdland
2. BILLIE HOLIDAY - Do nothin till you hear from me
3 BOB DYLAN - Hurricane
4. NINA SIMONE - Little Liza Jane
5. DAKOTA STATON - Someone to watch over me
6. JOHN COLTRANE - My Favorite Things
7. AHMAD JAMAL - I’ll take romance
8. BOB MARLEY - Crazy Baldheads
9. DAVE BRUBECK - Take Five
10 MAHALIA JACKSON- Didn’t it rain
11. THELONIOUS MONK - Lulu’s back in town
12. YUSEF LATEEF- Love theme from Spartacus
13. MILES DAVIS - Autumn Leaves
14. DONALD FAGEN - I.G.Y. - The Nightfly

spotify :

Section 26 playlist

For 3 years, the Section26 team has been proclaiming its love of modern pop once a day on the web. If it is difficult to be sure of anything these days, there is still one thing we can assure you: each month, for agnès b. radio, we will take stock of our favorite musical releases here through a playlist that will concentrate most of our freshest discoveries, whether pop, post-punk, rock far from dead or electronic. Open your ears!

> Listen

1. Rat Columns, Candlelight (Tough Love Records)
2. White Flowers, Daylight (Tough Love Records)
3. Arab Strap, Here Comes Comus! (Rock Action Records)
4. Ski Saigon, It's Already Tomorrow (Too Good To Be True)
5. Virginia Wing, St. Francis Fountain (Fire Records)
6. Reymour, Le Flot de ces Mots (Knekelhuis)
7. Lael Neale, Blue Vein (Sub Pop)
8. Marina Allen, Oh, Louise (Fire Records)
9. Pi Ja Ma, Bisou (Bleepmachine)
10. Pretty in Pink, Letters (Eternal Soundcheck)
11. Holiday Ghosts, Mr. Herandi (FatCat Records)
12. Ryan Allen, On My Mind (Futureman Records)
13. Dinosaur Jr., I Ran Away (Jagjaguwar)
14. Real Estate, Half a Human (Domino)
15. Spirit of the Beehive, The Server is Immersed (Saddle Creek)
16. Bill Callahan, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Wild Kindness (feat. Cassie Berman) (Drag City Records)
17. Whitney K, Late Night (Maple Death Records)
18. Italia 90, Borderline (Brace Yourself Records)
19. Maraudeur, Face/Figure (Autoproduit)
20. Mustang, Pas Cher de la Nuit (Close Harmonie / Prestige Mondial)
21. Dry Cleaning, Strong Feelings (4AD)
22. Cheval Sombre, Sonic Boom, Curtain Grove (Sonic Cathedral Recordings)
23. Lucy Gooch, Ash and Orange (Fire Records)
24. Maria BC, Devil's Rain (Fear of Missing Out Records)
25. Cassandra Jenkins, Hard Drive (Ba Da Bing Records)
26. Cathal Coughlan, Owl in the Parlour (Dimple Disc)
27. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, White Elephant (Goliath Enterprises Limited)
28. Matt Sweeney, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Hall of Death (Drag City)
29. Veik, Difficult Machinery (Fuzz Club)
30. Tänzmachine II, Kebabträume (autoproduit)
31. Blackmail, Guinée-Bissau (Yuk-Fü Records)
32. Colleen, Gazing at Taurus - Santa Eulalia (Thrill Jockey Records)
33. Tsirihaka Harrivel, Je Tiens (Teenage Menopause)
34. Kero Kero Bonito, The Princess and the Clock (Kero Kero Bonito)
35. Pauline Anna Strom, Tropical Convergence (RVNG Intl.)
36. La Houle, Toi (Ce Moi) (Music From The Masses)
37. Fritz, Pastel (Inertia Music)
38. The Horrors, Lout (Caroline International)
39. Black Dresses, We'll Figure It Out (blacksquares)
40. Taqbir, Sma3 (autoproduit)

Cubo live sessions volume 2, I:Cube

Friday March 5 2021, 3PM

In exclusivity and for the release of the second volume we going to play on agnès b. radio the 2 volumes.

Improvising as a way to end a track, a moment in time lasting forever, a singularity as a constant: this is the illusion created by I:Cube for these Cubo Live Sessions: to jam and to edit, a free conversation with his machines.

This new found freedom is a natural evolution following years of hard work in the Versatile basement. We used to hear Cube sweating for days on a single sound or loop, we know through those Live Sessions that Cube has realised that perfection is not of this world. Or rather that perfection precisely is that ephemeral instant, that will to capture a dream and bring back a fragment from his multidimensional travels.

From this precarious equilibrium, this big bang, proceeds an entire universe, an almost living organism. I:Cube always touched by grace, smiling demiurge building track by track an ever growing intimacy with his listeners.

Facebook :
Instagram :
Soundcloud :
Shop :

Mutador, Alan Vega

Friday February 26th, 3 PM

Discover "Nike Soldier", the first single of Alan Vega new album "Mutador" release on Sacred Bones records. The album is going to be release in April 23.

Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, le documentaire

Friday, February 5th, 3PM

Discover the 3rd compilation Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes

For this third opus of the compilation Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, in homage to the post-punk scene and hexagonal cold wave late 70’s early 80’s, Jean-François Sanz and Marc Collin pool their respective discos, carefully selecting 24 tracks, rarities and unpublished for this double LP, BEATITUDE agnès b. MUSIC/ Kwaidan Records, and proposing a retrofuturistic sound journey through this rich, diverse and innovative musical period.

The disc is already sold out, but a second pressing is underway and it will be available again at the end of February in records stores and some agnès b. shops. Meanwhile, you can the pre-order via the Diggers Factory website.

Broadcasting François de Roubaix, “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge”

Friday January 29th 2021, 3 AM

For the first time on LP, François de Roubaix’s full score for the French TV series “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge”, an adaptation of the epic travel, through the Middle East, of the famous writer and explorer Henri de Monfreid. This album is a collection of the original (1967) themes and those recorded later in 1975 when the TV series was continued.

In the 1967 soundtrack, de Roubaix uses various flutes, marine conches, and for underwater views, unexpected instruments such as a celesta or a crystal xylophone. By 1975, electronic technology had dramatically developed and this evolution is clearly apparent when one listens to the recordings of the two seasons. For the later 1975 series, de Roubaix composed a new music score, mixing old and new sounds, a great combination of EMS VCS3 synthesizer subtly mixed with acoustic instruments. For François de Roubaix, there was never a border between fiction, life and music, and writing music for “Les secrets de la Mer Rouge” was an extension of his love of the open sea.

Femme Africaine, Star Feminine Band

Friday novembre 20 - 6PM
Without warning, a group of young girls from a remote region of Benin is shaking up the world of garage rock with breathtaking freshness, ingenuity and energy, playing spot-on, loud and clear.




Radio May 4th: Teenage Menopause records + Mélodies Souterraines

14h : Teenage Menopause is a 10 year old indepedent label, prospecting in the outer limits of the urban musics.
From Synth Pop, to Punk Rock, from Cuting-Edges Electronics to Proto-Techno, the number of releases break down the walls of genres in order to built an eclectic and argy catalogue, as a picture of the nowadays musical landscape.
Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

18h30 : Mélodies Souterraines, an exploration through diverses genres & styles, a mixture of non-dated atmospheric, punky, dancing and exciting productions.
Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

"99", Le Goût Acide Des Conservateurs, Iskachrome

Friday 28 February 2020 at 11.30 am, listen to the hand-sewn mix by ERR REC, an independent label based in Pantin, exclusively for agnès b. radio! Bolanile and Gilles Maté present their retro-future near and rather pop with recent excerpts from their catalog, exclusive from upcoming releases of Tiger Tigre, The Acid Taste of Curators, Alexis Lumière, Tropical Geometry, ERR REC Library Vol.3…


We’re New Again, reimagined by Makaya Mccraven

Friday 14 February, at 8pm, do not miss the full broadcast of the album We’re New Again reimagined by Makaya Mccraven on the agnès b. web radio! 

see more

Original soundtrack Le Bel été by The Limiñanas

Listen to the Le Bel été soundtrack, composed by The Limiñanas on agnès b. radio on Friday, November 15 from 2:30 pm (Paris time)!
11 tracks, all composed by the duo from Perpignan, with the single One Blood Circle in duo with Etienne Daho, who describes this collaboration as: "I slipped into their music like in a box. Two voice shots and the song was in the box. Some meetings are evidence." E. Daho

buy the album

Immanent Fire, Emily Jane White

For more than 10 years, Emily Jane White has accompanied us with her enchanting song, and with it the delicacy of her woody folk melodies. Less is known about her social and political involvement. Immanent Fire, her 6th opus (released on November 15), makes an alarming observation: biological annihilation, acceleration of extinction of species, social and economic disorders. The themes are dark, but a new serenity emerges from this album anchored in our time and which will be a landmark. 3 dates in December: 5 Le Botanique (Brussels), 11 Le Grand Mix (Tourcoing) and 12 Les Etoiles (Paris). Listen to Immanent Fire on agnès b. radio on November 15 at 11am!

buy the album

One Blood Circle, The Limiñanas, featuring Etienne Daho

Listen to One Blood Circle, first single from the original soundtrack of Le Bel Été, movie by Pierre Créton, release in theatres on November 13, directed by The Limiñanas with Étienne Daho, available on November 15th in vinyl and digital, with 11 tracks composed by The Limiñanas, already available in pre-order.

order the album

Satis Factory, Mattiel

Following encouragement from Jack White during a chance encounter in Nashville with her chief musical inspiration and eventual touring partner, Mattiel made the crucial decision to jumpstart her musical journey with songs rooted in gospel, rock n’ soul, hip-hop and new wave. Less than five years later Mattiel stands as one of the most singular and buzzed-about acts in rock music. Her new album Satis Factory, the follow up to last years critically acclaimed self titled debut is out now on Heavenly Recordings/PIAS

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Sergeï, Lucie Antunes

With Sergeï, Lucie Antunes comes to explode the standards with big blows of chopsticks on the blades of her marimba, her vibraphone, the skins stretched of her battery. Sergeï is the furious project of a young percussionist who made her weapons in a rather classical way and whose horizon does not cease to expand with the dancefloor as a line of sight and the clearly expressed will to tell oneself on a disc. Made without computers or artifacts, this instrumental and percussive music is cut for dance and night with the ambition to break boundaries, shake genres and make the dancefloor more beautiful, softer, bigger, smarter and more open. Lucie’s music is not closed to anyone. Behind each of the tracks that compose his album hides a story, something that has been felt and lived in silence and that comes to explode without shadow. She is there, powerful and sensitive, personal and intense. Released on October 4th.

listen to

Providence, Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright is back and releases her new album, Providence, an album played entirely on the piano, instrument for the first time invested as a unique ally to her voice. It is without any other protection and in the form of poems that Shannon Wright declares with all the emotional power that we know a collection of very touching and personal stories.
Shannon Wright’s music provokes a raw and overwhelming emotion. It transports you, invades you and drowns you, but always saves you. It is a journey into a melancholy and restless world, often desperate but terribly vivacious. Shannon Wright’s music is an auditory antioxidant, a benefactor upheaval, an indispensable cure.
Listen in full Friday 20 September at 2pm on the agnès b. radio.

Engine of Paradise, Adam Green

On September 7th, listen to Engine of Paradise, Adam Green’s new album on agnès b. radio!
Adam Green is a successful polymorphic artist, composer, director, painter, sculptor and poet. As a solo artist, he has recorded ten albums, many of which have become cult records, and his songs have been performed by artists as diverse as The Libertines, Carla Bruni, Kelly Willis, Dean & Britta and Will Oldham.
On September 6, he released his tenth solo album: Engine of Paradise, recorded in Brooklyn (New York) by Loren Humphrey. To make us wait, Adam Green devoured us the excellent Freeze my Love, but also Cheating On A Stranger where we can hear choirs signed by Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)!
Exploring the same themes as his next album, Green also publishes his first graphic novel, a psychedelic war epic entitled War and Paradise.

"agnès b. likes..." serie, let's go!

agnès b. lauches a serie of limited edition 45T with Frédéric Lo, Pritchard & Lo, Daniel Darc and many other prestigious guests...
To celebrate the release of the 45T with Frédéric Lo, 1st of the serie, a disc is offered for every purchase in the 3 & 6 rue du Jour shops... on the basis of the "first arrived, first served" mecanism from June 27!

Soon... listen to Frédéric Lo playlist specially done for agnès b. web radio

Maestro In the Chamber

agnès b. supports the release of Maestro In the Chamber, from Maestro, on June 14 and offer you a vinyle for every purchase in the 3 & 6 rue du Jour shops... always on the "first arrived, first served" basis (and until stocks lasts)! Maestro will be playing on June 20 for the Festival 36h at Saint Eustache Church and on September 29 at Philharmonie of Paris within the Catherine Ringer carte blanche.
Listen to the entire album on agnès b. web radio on Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June from 2pm.

Festival 36 heures Eglise Saint-Eustache

On June 20 and 21, during 36 heures, a free concerts marathon is taking place in the Halles Cathedral... right in front of the very first agnès b. shop opened worldwide!
Many artists followed by agnès b. will play: Léonie Pernet, Maestro and Jeanne Added… to quote few!
Free entrance

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"Love in the Afternoon", the summer radio playlists series to listen on agnès b. web radio

Series of mixes and playlists for naps, slow tempo songs, ballads and dreamy soundtracks, on the agnès b. radio from… now! to listen on the agnès b. web radio every Wednesdays and Sundays afternoons from 2pm.
Designed and launched by musician and DJ Matthieu Beck in 2015, Love In The Afternoon invites artists and "Diggers" from all sides to share their ideal musical siesta - Rozi Plain, Kassin, François & The Atlas Mountains, Scott Gilmore or Florent Mazzoleni, among others, did their part.
Love In The Afternoon could sometimes be afternoons parties - a series of events in the collective gardens of Grow Elephant in London in 2016 - or in DJ sets in audiophile places of the English capital - Brilliant Corners, Spiritland - with guests with wide and safe tastes - Bahamian Moor, Time Is Away, Cosmic Neman...