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agnès b. world

agnès b. is not only a clothing brand, the universe created by the stylist is rich and vast! From the very beginnings, agnès b. opened the door to an entire artistic in her shops by exhibiting film posters and by having her favorite music on air. Afterwards, it is via her Parisian contemporary art gallery, the galerie du jour, but also her Howard Street’s galerie boutique in New York, the free publication Point d’ironie and her art collection that we feel the diversity and the cultural quality offer which reflects her tastes and her influences.

Galerie du jour

Agnès is passionate about art. Over the years, she has amassed an important collection of contemporary art, which includes many photos as well as paintings, scuptures, videos and installations. This collection has been presented in various exhibitions. Today it is being exhibited at La Fab., a unique venue that opened in early 2020.
La Fab. also hosts the 'galerie du jour', opened by Agnès in 1984 to present works by her favourite artists, as well as the 'librairie du jour' bookshop. It publishes the periodical 'le point d'ironie'.

la fab.

agnès b.'s art collection

la galerie du jour

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Point d'Ironie

The Point d’Ironie originated following a discussion between agnès b., Christian Boltanksi and Hans Ulrich Obrist in 1997. Six to eight issues are published every year, each one designed by an artist who makes it his own. Given free of charge, the Point d’Ironie is an atypical periodical, distributed in a scattered way – 100,000 copies are spread around the world, available in museums, galleries, book shops, schools, cinemas, and at agnès b. stores worldwide. Created by French poet Alcanter de Brahm at the end of the 19th century, the Point d’Ironie is a punctuation mark used at the end of sentences to point an ironic passage within a text.

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Our galerie boutiques in the world

A boutique, a gallery, a unique mix of fashion and art... a new space where agnès b. can show what she likes! One part dedicated to men’s and women’s collections, including ready to wear clothing, bags, and accessories, and the Artists T-shirts collection. And one part dedicated to showcasing contemporary art, in the form of photography, paintings, video, books, or even sculpture. The agnès b. Galerie Boutiques now exist in New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Marseilles.

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“J’aime la musique” is not just a sentence on an agnès b. t-shirt. To her, it is an actual policy commitment! In addition to designing clothing for artists, agnès b. counts musicians and singers among her fans. Music is essential in the world of agnès b. In-store listening stations enable customers to discover new music and offer visibility to independent music labels, creating a true agnès b. sound identity.

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Cinema, like music, is a big part of our company’s culture. In stores, it is the film posters that are usually noticed first! They have been part of the agnès b. décor from early on and her collection of original film posters is now second to none! Her love of black and white films, the casual elegance of the New Wave, the straight lines of her cut, and the fashion films she directs herself, all pay homage to cinema. It has always been an instinctive source of inspiration for the designer.

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agnès b. art collection

agnès b. opened her first art gallery on rue du Jour in 1984. At that time, it was adjoining the women store. In 1998, the gallery moved to a bigger space, but kept the name. It just closed to re-open in 2019 within the agnès b. foundation… keep tuned! “I wanted to create a gallery to be able to show what I love. It is called a gallery but one could say a place to show the various faces of things. I would also like to imagine new ways of circulating images, and give everyone access to it.” – agnès b.

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